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Today's Show:

We haven’t spent too much time talking about 4K projectors because, to be blunt, they’re just too expensive to be within reach for us, and for the majority of our audience. While they’re cool to think about, and maybe drool over, why spend too much time on them when you know you’ll never drop $28,000 on a projector? But what if they were a fraction of that cost?

We also discuss:
  • DISH extends DVR suite with the Super Joey
  • Does Veronica Mars success show movie theaters aren't doomed?
  • Multiple screens boost VOD demand
  • Sony's PlayStation will soon offer original programming
  • AV Rant Podcast (avrant.com) has changed a lot! Check it out.
  • 7 Most Expensive TVs in the World
  • Dish Leads in Race to Offer Online TV to Compete With Cable
  • TV Networks Can Live On — By Taking Themselves Off the Air
  • Mohu Channels: Personal Channel Guide Makes TV Smarter!
  • HDtracks: High Definition Music | The World's Greatest-Sounding Music Downloads
  • More Thoughts On PONO, One Week In...

and a lot more...

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