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Marquee 8000 & 4' x 8' screen question?

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Would a 4 x 8 screen be a good size for my Marquee 8000? They sell a 4 x 8 whiteboard at Home Depot that I may try until I can save some money for a screen.

Is it too small? Just curious what I should set the size at...

(It's only taking in a DVD S-video signal through an Extron line doubler...)

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The proportions are wrong. For a 4 x 3 (conventional screen with a height of 48 inches, the board should be 64 inches wide. This yields a diagonal measurement of 80 inches which is decent for a line doubled Marquee 8000.

If you want to go with a 16 x 9 ratio, then for a screen height of 48 inches, the width should be 85 1/3 inches and the corresponding diagonal measurement is just shy of 98".

Although this is within the normal range of a Marquee 8000, I think you'd be a little disappointed with a picture this large with only a line doubler. IMO, scan lines would be obvious.

Either way, you'll probably want to mask the sides of the 4 x 8 board with something like black velvet to reduce the size to normal video dimensions.

Jeff HIpps
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Have you considered building your own screen with blackout material? I made mine (10.5'x4.5') for less than $100, including mounting. Check out this thread for info on how i did it:


Thanks guys, I'll check out the thread and print it up.

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