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Marquee 8000 Basic Questions

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I brought home my marquee 8000 last night; it has about 4000 hours on the tubes, new neckboards, "widescreen mod", lvps fan mod, and a really nice case :cool:. What would be the best way to feed the pj a signal considoring I have a HTPC with Nvidia FX 5500 card in it. I have a 35' RGHHV cable I'd like to use.

Screen size is unknown right now; I have about 100'' of throw distance to play with. the screen will be 16:9 as almost all of the material will be some format of widescreen. What resolution would be good to feed from the PC considoring the 16:9 screen. Also does the Marquee need negitive sync on the RGBHV like a barco or does it work with positive.


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Based on my experience, you should be able to use about an 80 inch wide screen

Glad to hear you made the decision to get that Marquee.


P.S. You should add your location to your signature / profile so other members in your area will know, in case you need help.

80'' widescreen seems about right from what I was getting from my Barco 801. I'll add my location; I'm in Phelps, NY
I would try 1440 x 720 , if your set-up skills are very good and you can do stig,flare,etc. then 1440 x 960 might be a little sharper?
Although I can see the upside top running 1440*720 right now I'm running it at 1600*1200 with a good sharp picture. the 4*3 format works well for all video sources as I have no set screen height yet

you can feed the marquee just about anyy signal you want...(unlike barcos and the negative feed!!!)


well now I'm back to 1280*1024 @ 72 Hz. for the NSTC tripling of standerd fps. rates; is this right? Also how do you enter the setting's into the PJ every time I change rez. the convergance falls out.


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