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Marquee 9500LC Double Stack

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Hey all I just bought 2 Marquee 9500lcs one was supposed to be mint and it was and the other was not supposed to run at all and be a parts machine.

To my surprise they both showed up and the one is definatly in mint condition and the other thats supposed to be for parts runs flawlessly as well it just came with a bad powercord it needs a blue tube so I ordered one from VDC and when it arrives I have 2 Mint 9500lcs.

My question is now that I have the 2 I wanna run them double stacked and would like to know what i need to do this. Do I need special equiptment or what.

Please let me know because I think I will Have the ultimate Home theater TV if I get them both going :p

P.S. i got a really great deal for all that want to know I paid 8,000 US for both machines :D

Thanks Paul
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$8K is a wonderful deal.

Do you have any experience with CRTs? If not, it sounds like you've got enough budget to find a qualified tech to help you get setup.

If not, I'd start with a single setup, get comfortable with that (and I think you'll be amazed with the results from "only" one 9500LC), then keep the 2nd as a spare or as a fun project for double stacking after you master the single setup.

Or sell the 2nd unit... you'd probably get about $8K and then you can sit back and enjoy your "free" 9500LC which will probably be better than 92.3% of our PJs.
Or, you can have your very own multiplex; theater A and theater B!
I do have experience with single machines I own a Marquee 8500 as well and have a buyer for it for 5k so I almost have the 9500s for free I just don't have the experience with stacking 2 projectors.

you will need a rgb signal amplifier

an external test Patton generator

and you will need to decide if your going

to do a side by side or vertical stack

also you need to read this thread http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...light=stacking

you will find it invaluable to your project

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It helps if both machines have the same main software level; we recommend v3.4 as it has H Linearity correction added.
Yes they do both have version 3.4
I'm so jealous
Well I have decided to be a true movie theatre and run a multiplex I now have 2 dedicated rooms 1 running a 9500lc rear projection and 1 running a front projection I must say My family loves the idea as 2 movies can be shown at the same time

Hey Paul, congratulations!! I'm curious about your rear-screen setup though. What kind of screen do you use? How does it compare to your FP setup? Thanks!

Actually im not using a screen at all I made it out of a large sheet of white Spandex and i must say the Image is incredible its far better then the FP unit.

I want to get a screen in the future for it but as of now I have very few funds to play with so the Spandex was a low cost alternative and worked amazing i have the brightness and contrast set at the high 30s and its still brighter then the fp unit at the mid 60s.

Wow. How about sharpness and black levels? All good?

Spandex? Am I missing something in the Canadian to English translation? Is it stretchy polyester fabric? What size? From where? A fabric store? (JoAnn's?)

Interestingly, I'm running a pseudo-multiplex in my basement too this week (only one movie at a time, though). I wanted to test formica and mirrored screens and wanted to test 4x8 instead of 8x12 screens, so I turned my old ECP3101 around 180 to point at the nearer rear wall. 4x8 is no fun. My Marquee is still running on 8x12.


We have done both side stacks and edge-blending with dual 9" Marquees as described here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=166098 and here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=279007 We found the Folsom edge-blend system to be the more elegant solution, but a bit costlier :)
The Spandex is pretty Darn good Im finding for black levels and focus the onl problem is some scenes in daylight are very bright :D

But I can live with that.

And yes I do mean the white stretchy material that is translucent when stretched and can be bought at a fabric store.

As soon as i get my Digital camera back from my buddy I will post some pictures of the 2 setups so people on here can compare the 2

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Oh by the way I am not using any mirror setups or anything I am shooting he Rear projection straight into the spandx so for all intents and purposes your looking almost into the lenses

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