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I've decided to offer my own private use 9501LC for sale.

This unit began life as a late model 8000. It has been FULLY and PROPERLY upgraded. It is a true 9501LC in every respect save for the data plates,

and the tubes are P19LCP07s instead of P19LCP08s. (Meaning that the

neck cards had to be very slightly modified to run with these tubes.)

The tubes are a full set of NOS (New Old Stock) tubes that were removed from

an AmPro 4300 chassis that was never completed before it was sold at the AmPro auction. These are truly new (old stock) tubes with essentially no hours on them.

The projector's hour meter says 15 total hours of use on it, but the chassis does

have more hours on it than that. The meter got reset, and I don't know how,

but the meter does reflect the amount of time on the new tubes.

Everything works perfectly, of course.

Other than the mods I performed to make these neck cards run with these tubes,

the unit has no special electrical mods. However it does have some noise

reduction mods that I do to all Marquees.

This unit includes red and green colored C elements.

This is NOT a Mike Parker modded projector.

Case condition is very good, but not perfect.

Shipping will be via freight, in a correct VDC Marquee crate.

Since its tubes are truly 10-rated, NEW old stock tubes, my price for this unit is


I will consider any reasonable offer. Reasonable offers will be in excess of 5000 dollars, and the first 10,000 dollar offer gets it immediately, and for that price,

freight costs will be covered by me.

IF you want this unit to have a full set of Mike Parker mods done to it, I will

arrange for Mike Parker to mod the appropriate boards and I will install them.

This will cost you whatever it costs me.

Send offers to me via PM.

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