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marquee bellows

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does anyone have 3 extra bellows for a marquee that they are willing to part with????
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No, but when I read your post topic I thought, "Nah, the 1292 is a LOT louder!"
i think the only place to get bellows is vdc.
I called vdc they say that they have a very limited stock at the moment and will not sell at this time they will in the future but not now
Couldn't you just find out what the tubing is made of and just buy some of that and cut it to length?
i guess i could I will have to look into that however their may be a sourcing problem as that is a rather large rubber tube. I suppose i could use an innertube from a car tire. if it is small enough. but it might not be compatiable with glycol. I would much prefer the proper part.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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