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Marquee magnetics and raster location problem

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I've just gone through a full resetting of all the magnetics on a set of tubes

in a Marquee. (8111 Plus...what does the Plus signify, anyway?)

The results are great. The spot control and focus is as good as any I've ever

seen, far superior to the factory setup.

But I have one issue remaining: The blue raster is offset vertically from the

other two. Significantly below the others, to be exact.

Attempts to correct this by readjusting the stig, flare, and 6-pole rings

have so far always caused degradations in spot uniformity, though the

position was moved as needed.

Got any tips on a procedure to recenter the rasters (Yes, I've zeroed out

all electronic corrections) while keeping my ideal spot shape and size?

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You've been moving the focus coil right? The flare adjustment requires that you first center the ring magnet (twist the knob and wiggle the ring a little around the tube. Keep twisting the knob until the raster doesn't move when you rotate the ring). Center the raster by moving the focus coil (loosen the 3 wingnuts). Now adjust the ring magnet for flare. Recenter with focus coil. Repeat.

Apologies if you've already done this but you didn't mention it and I know it'll get your blue lined up with the others.

I might have missed that step on the blue tube. I'll be revisiting that projector

next Saturday (I sold it to a fellow forum member and installed it yesterday) and

I'll take care of it.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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