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Marquee magnetics...stig yokes and stig magnet ring together?

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I was wondering about something. Again.

On some Marquees, like 8110s, they have a set of magnets on the necks

that adjust for flare, astigmatism, and triangularity.

Can this magnet set be used in conjunction with stig yokes in an 8500?

I'm asking because I've got some magnets sets like the ones in an 8110

but also have stig yokes that I want to use on a set of tubes. Upgrading

to a higher model.

Do I need to ditch that magnet pack and get one that doesn't have the

stig magnets in it, or can I just run with them with no ill effects?

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I'm confused, you're saying you have an 8500 that doesn't have the magnet rings on the tubes?
Chris is trying to use the 6 pole magnets from the 8110,

rather than the 4 pole magnets that the 8500 normally has.

I don't think there are any issues with this.


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Use them, no problem but.......

before adjusting astig magnetically be assured to have

zeroed (50/50) the zone electronic astig,I don't think

it is zeroed by a general reset.

I have an 8110, which includes those magnet assemblies.

If I were to upgrade it to an 8500, I would want to know if having stig

magnets and stig yokes both on the same tubes would be good or bad.

Originally posted by cmjohnson
I have an 8110, which includes those magnet assemblies.

If I were to upgrade it to an 8500, I would want to know if having stig

magnets and stig yokes both on the same tubes would be good or bad.

It's ok to use them together just set the dynamic stig settings, in the center of the screen, to 50/50 (and bump them up or down and left or right one interval then back to 50) then make the correction with the little neck magnets.
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Yeah, should be fine i think. My 8500 only has 2 pole... :(.
You may be mistaking the terminology. I did, for a while.

Three types of magnet assemblies are found on Marquees.

One has only an adjustable flare ring pair.

One has flare and stig rings.

The third has flare, stig, and 6 pole, AKA triangle) magnet rings.

If you have the first type, you don't have a two pole magnet.

If you have the second type, you don't have a four pole magnet.

If you have the third type, the third ring pair alone is the six pole magnet.

Its purpose is to help shape the beam. As the name implies, it controls

the triangularity of the beam.

I've played with all those rings and seen what they can do, and they can

make the spot look like a perfect triangle with razor sharp edges, and they

can make the spot look like a triangle with cropped tips, and they can make

the spot look like a funnel pointed in one direction or another, and much

more. Personally, I believe that it wouldn't be that difficult to make a

magnet assembly that focuses the spot to MUCH finer spot sizes you can

get now, due to the power of these magnets to shape the beam in such

bizarre ways. I'm tempted to experiment, using tubes that are already

damaged and can't be hurt much more. Maybe an extra electronic focus

ring of my own design, hooked to a signal generator and amplifier....or

maybe just a variable DC power supply.

Might be a fun experiment. Just have to be careful not to focus the spot

size to a needle tip because it's then an instrument of phosphor and maybe

even glass destruction. This COULD be why spot sizes are limited to a

certain lower size limit in the first place.

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was that to my post, cause now I'm confused? Ideally you'd want 2, 4 and 6 pole, i.e. flare, stig and triangle. 2 pole positions the beam for focus and dynamic astig later down the tube. if you have 4 and 6 pole, then you can further shape the beam before it even reaches the effects of the electronic focus and dynamic astig coils further down the tube.
Maybe you could properly describe the flare and stig magnets as 2 pole and

4 pole magnets...I'm not really sure about that.

I know that the triangularity magnet is the 6 pole magnet. That's as far

as I'm willing to stick my neck out for now.

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Hmm, you may be right about the terminology. In any case, the 2 pole centers the beam, the 4 pole shapes the blob to make it a circle instead ov oval, and the 6 pole as you note is triangular for further shaping to achieve a circle.

the reason I sort of think of them as flare, then stig, then triangle or whatnot, is that the 2-pole centers the beam, if it's not centered you'll get flaring when you'r trying to focus the beam because the beam is off-center, and stig for the 4 pole because if you've got an oval beam, then dynamic astig has to work harder to fix that. That's my thought process anyway. I think naming the poles is the most clear thing though, as it's cery clear that you are working on the magnets, rather than with electronic focus or astig adjustments. If you just say "astig" when referring to adjusting the magnets, then that's pretty confusing.
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