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Marquee Newbie - Setting Up DVD Player

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First, Happy New Year! and thanks for all your advice to date.

I hung my Marquee 8500, initialized everything and went through mechanical and optical setups. I then connected from my Comcast Digital HDTV box through a Petr J. component to RGBHV converter into the RGBHV input on the 8500. All looks great! So much for HDTV over cable.

Then, I unhooked the component video cables at the Comcast box and plugged these cables into the component outputs on my DVD player. Went through Guided Source Setup, turned everything on and . . . the output screen seems to be scrolling (at high speed) from left to right, then will slow to a a stop and then scroll right to left. Status pages show RGB input and Synch ?. So, seem to me that I'm either not getting a synch or my input frequencies are set up incorrectly.

What do I do to set up a DVD as a new source?

Thanks in advance,
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Can you switch the output signal from the player with interlaced and progressive?
The problem isn't with the PJ, it's the transcoder that doesn't like something about your DVD palyer's output. Consequently, it's putting out jibberish to the PJ and that's why the image is whacked. Re-visit the transcoder and DVD settings and you should be able to sort this out. Again, it's not the PJ.... ;)
are you using a upscaling dvd player or scaler of any sort? Hate to see what that 480p picture looks like if not :eek:
Ihad the same problem with a transcoder that was designed for NTSC standard signals only and is not capable of properly handling even a line doubled (480p) signal, and certainly wouldn't handle anything higher than that.

Been there, done that, got frustrated.

However, if the transcoder is working fine with an HD cable box at (presumably)

HD outputs like 720p and 1080i, then I don't know why it wouldn't work on a 480p signal.

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Originally Posted by lavaone
Went through Guided Source Setup, turned everything on and . . . the output screen seems to be scrolling (at high speed) from left to right,
Guided source setup should be done with your source turned "on".
Thanks for the answers so far, here's the answers to those I received in response - hope it helps get to the bottom of this:

- no scalar or doubler is being used, just the Component to RGBHV converter, same one as was used with the HDTV cable, just switched source side cables to the converter from HDTV cable box component out to DVD component out

- not too concerned at this point with poor quality (480i?), just want to see how things go together and work

- the DVD player docs don't state what the output format is being output - it's an Panasonic PV-D4752 unit with combined VHS / DVD functionality. It does state it supports progressive

- my bad, I did do the Guided Source Setup the second time through (the first time through getting the cable HD TV to work properly) with the DVD input turned on. I saw the DVD menu screen (not the player the DVD itself) scrolling sideways.

Is there something about ASI / ASR and frequencies I need to pre-load into recall memories?
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Just a thought, but have you power cycled the transcoder yet?
also, be sure to check in good light the order of the component outputs, I have some devices that are R G B, and some that are R B G, in dim lighting they look about the same, but if you get the B and the G mixed up, you will have sync issues.

also, there are cheep transcoders out there that will not properly handle 480i or 480p, I know because I have one...
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