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Marquee problems

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I have a Marquee 8501LC. As I was watching a movie, about 5min from the end I lost the picture. Its as if I turned it off. I still am showing the green light on the back and the fans are running and no red lights are on. Also I tried the internal test patterns and nothing.

Any Ideas on where to start?

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Try reseating the horizontal deflection board, it is in a metal sleeve between the green and blue CRTs. If it was loose, try padding the insideof the HDM sleeve cover with duct tape to support the weight. If not the HDM then you may have lost the high voltage power supply or low voltage power supply.
I reseated the board but this did not change anything. When I hit the power button the fan speed increases as it always does just no picture. With the cover off I can also see the rear of the tubes glow when I turn it on.

Anything else to check?

Does it crackle on start up ? Ie. can you HEAR the HV come up ?

A buddy experienced a similar situation and it turned out to be a backplane problem, his was an 8500LC. If you don't hear any HV crackle, its likely your HVPS though as Tim has pointed out.

He's also responsible for diagnosing my buddy's machine so listen to him.
Well my hearing is poor so I can't tell any difference. Any idea what a HVPS cost and how much trouble it is to install?

Thanks for the help.
That complicates matters.

HVPS's are expensive.

A new HVPS is $1980 plus shipping; used are $750 but carry no warranty; e.mail me if interested.
I also removed the front cover and none of the led are lit on the power supply that the plug goes into. Also when I look into the tube I see a faint flickering around the outside edges of the green and blue tube. It is very faint and I not sure if it only was happening when I was fooling around with the remote.
ouch! I'll have to think about this.
Hi dmcummins

You have PM. A way to test the HVPS.

Reseat the CLM in back (the one with the LED's on it). If no help, it's quite possible that your HVPS failed, or your HDM is having a problem and is holding down high voltage. Also, the neck boards (a failed one, specifically) can cause this symptom.
Well Mr Howard was nice enough to let my swap my HVPS into his 8500 and that is the problem. He even loaned me one to make sure. I installed it and that did the trick.

At least now I know what I need.

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