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I am new to the game and recently purchased a SR5008 and was wondering if it would be enough to power a 7.1 set of Silver 6 Monitor Audio speakers.

I heard the RX8 with a NAD and I thought the sound was good, but I have heard Monitor Audio's can be difficult to drive and can be picky with amplification. I have also read that Martanz had a warm sound which may tame the MA's as they can at times be a little bright.

I have yet to hear the Silver 6 series, but I can get a good deal on them, and I plan to listen to them soon, and I figured with my room size 18x14x10 (dedicated media room) that the 6's would fill the room with plenty of sound in a smaller form factor.

If I stick with Martanz should I consider moving up to the SR7008 which has more power and Audyssey XT32? I have heard great things about XT32, and the 5008 only offers XT. It appears none of the NAD receivers offer XT32.

I would prefer to not have to purchase a discrete amp unless it is necessary.

On another note, has anyone had a chance to listen to the new 6's? I also listened to GoldenEar 7's which I liked as well, but I can get a better deal with the prices for surround sound speakers with Monitor Audio than I can GoldenEar.
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