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I've got a pair of ML Ascents. Paid > $4k for them in 2000 for a HT setup. They have sat in air conditioned storage for the better part of 7 years because the wife doesn't like the way they look. I decided I might as well sell them and when I took them out of storage one speaker worked fine, the other nothing from the electrostatic panel. They both worked fine when I put them away.

In looking at the one with the non-working panel, I noticed that the panel had slipped far enough down in the frame to dislodge the connections to the power supply (3 small wires). I am pretty sure the panel is still good but need to find a repair shop in S. Florida to re-attach the wires. Any one have any suggestions?

P.S. If anyone is looking to buy a set (working after I get the one fixed) or one working/one as-is please let me know, serious inquiries only. I'd sell them cheap because they aren't doing me any good sitting in the garage. A working pair on eBay is listed at $1800 right now (which seems kinda steep to me).

Thanks! :)

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