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Martin Logan Dynamo QUESTION

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Please share with me your opinion about ML Dynamo.

I am thinking of picking it up for the bedroom set up.

How much a good price for this Sub?

Please help.


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What is your budget?

All the Best
The Martin Logan Dynamo is a great sub in general and is really good for a bedroom set up. It is the same sub I have in my bedroom. For music it is simply phenominal, and it is also great for movies. Understand it is a small sealed sub with a 200 watt amp, so it will not be the loudest, lowest playing sub, but again I have never, ever regretted this purchase because it is extremely accurate. Eventhough it is small it can still rock my whole house, not just the room for HT. The list price for the sub is $599. I think it is a good value at that price point, but if you can get it cheaper go for it. It is especially nice because it can be converted from forward to down-firing, which is really a nice feature as well. I wrote a more in depth review on the sub @ audioreview.com as well. Good luck
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Here is one past link I pulled up real quick. A search would probably provide more info as I'm not familiar with the sub or the price. I'm sure someone with experience with this model will chime in shortly.


I purchased a silver Dynamo on clearance from Magnolia Best Buy a few months ago. It was a great deal and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for a bedroom system. Very musical. If I remember correctly it was $200 off of list for the silver only and you had to ask at the counter. It was not advertised.

I like it enough that when my wife and I move into our new house (another month) I am wanting to add a second one to my system (our media room is greatly increasing in size).

I have an older definitive technology sub that is a big boomer and the Dynamo blows it away in system integration and in actually creating music.

Good Luck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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