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I am having a tough time deciding which speaker to buy, I am a newbie and have untrained ears. I am easily impressed, I mean I think my HTIB is good ...haha

I have heard the klipsch rf62ii but it was only fro like 5 min and compressed online streaming music.

I still have to listen to the martin logan and polks. The only polks that I have head are the TSI300 which to me sounded good. I though that the sound was crisp and came to me.

I also got a chance to listen to paradigm monitor 7 and they sounded good, but I think its pricey and I think for the room size 22x19 which opens to kitchen and I would need to go to the 9 or the 11 be even but they are even more expensive.

I know the ML motion 40 is also expensive, however I like that its piano black and wife will definitely like them. Will these be able to fill the room with great sound. Should I be concerned with the 4ohms rating on the ML

How would the polk rtia7 compare to these speakers.

Will be using Pioneer SC 1522 k receiver.
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