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I walked into BestBuy last thursday and they had a mint set of Martin Logan Prefaces open box for $199 for the pair($99 each) and i couldnt resist. Ive been wanting to stay away from full range towers mostly because I knew that would lead to needing/wanting separate amp, new center speaker, etc etc..pretty much an upgrade across the board and my wallet isnt going to thank me.

The Emotiva XPA-3 just got delivered this afternoon so I'll be spending lots of listening time later tonight which immediately brought up a problem. with the separate amp Im going to need rca interconnects. I buy all my hdmi cables from monoprice but seeing how I need these cables 'tonight' i cant exactly order something online. Ive read a few reviews on the prefaces and i see audioquest interconnects come up often. for $40 a pair theyre definitely affordable.

what exactly is the general consensus for cables to use for interconnects. I use 16guage RadioShack speaker cable to give you an idea of my 'budget' for cables
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