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martin logan script speaker or Aperion 633-t?

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My local buddy offered me his Martin Logan Script speakers for $1k. Is that a good deal? They are a year old.....

I was about to order the aperion 633-t today which is why im so confused now.

This would be used mainly for HT in a 2400sq room with carpet if that matters. Denon 2308ci is my receiver.

Please help
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Doing a quick search on the ML Script loudspeakers I find a few happy owners that purchased them used for $1100/pr. Comparing ML's to Aperion speakers is the classic apples and oranges comparision. Since your friend has them maybe he'll let you listen to them in your set up.

I'm a fan of electrostatic speakers as an owner of a pair of Acoustat Spectra 1100 floorstanding speakers. They don't appeal to everyone, but I like mine. Most electrostatics require a substantial (beefy) power amp that can handle low impedence loads. If you are running a mid-fi receiver it may not be up to the job.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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