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martin Logan SLM?

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Anyone have actual experience with these? I demoed the electrostatic Martin logans at best buy.loved them . But if I get three SLM's going across I can fit a 9.5' screen instead of 8 or so. I would also need a cheaper projector. But the tower Martin's have a wow factor. Would the slms for theatre have a high quality sound maybe with a svs sub? Kind of hoping someone says they sound awesome lol. Then I can fit the wider screen. I mentioned these speakers before but I think in a different section. Hoping someone has hands on with the SLM. Mainly I like them because its horizontal and wall mounted. But how much less sound than the towers?
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A lot less.

I wouldn't recommend them. No high-quality sound there.

A speaker that calls a 4-inch driver a "WOOFER" is enough to make me laugh hysterically.

Get some real speakers.

The Gallo CL-3 speakers will give you much more and better sound and are only 7 inches wide.

Get some decent tower speakers.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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