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I had an old thread in the wrong forum so I thought I should repost an updated version in the DIY Screen Section.

First a background, I have a DIY 130" 16:9 made out of the Dalite Damat material. It is surrounded by fabric covered black panels. My goal was to create masking panels for aspect ratios greater and smaller than 1.78:1. For my screen, I came up with the following numbers about the size of the top/bottom/side black bars when showing the different aspect ratios on my screen:

The way I built the panels is partially based on the information I found in this thread .

First: Top / Bottom Panels:


1x Rigid foam panel with silver siding on one side (4'x8') ($11.25)

Velcro 15 feet ($21)

3x8 foot J channel ($27)

Screws ($3)

Already had tape , fabric.

I first cut 3 x 10" strips from the rigid foam panel. Since my projector is ceiling mounted , I cut the edge at a 30 degree angle to prevent the edge from casting a shadow on the screen.

The mask width is 118" so I had to use two pieces of the j-channel and the rigid foam and tape everything together. I used thin velcro strips to attach to the GOM fabric.

To hang it I used screws to attach velcro to the wood in the frames. Then I just attached the masking panels using velcro. Adjusting is fairly simple, I just display the image in the desired aspect ratio then adjust the velcro to match.


I used the same method to create two side panels that are slightly longer than the height of my screen and are wide enough (15") to cover aspect ratios up to 1.33:1.

For the sides, I didn't have to worry about cutting the edges with an angle so I used J-Channels on both ends to make the panels more sturdy.
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