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MCP 1.5 is almost here! You can check out the beta now.

What's New

Totally reworked the way plug-ins are managed

All plug-ins are now installed along with MCP.

Plug-ins can be enabled, disabled, and hidden from within MCP. No more handling .dll files.

Plug-in loading is now done in the background.

Added Image Controls

Now buttons on the control panel can be based on any image you choose. You can make buttons out of digital photos, icons, and any of the thousands of free buttons available on the net for building websites. Most image file types are supported. With this feature and the background image feature, your MCP interface can look any way you want it. Here is a sample screenshot:

Configurations can be shared between users

Users can share the interfaces they build with each other. This is done by copying the configuration file and any custom image files. The new user would then re-associate the buttons with the commands specific to his setup.

Multi-User environments are now supported

Now users with different Windows accounts can log in and use MCP with their own configuration, independently of the configurations set up by other users of the same computer. This includes support for the fast user switching capability in Windows XP.

Remote Desktop…maybe

The new support for multi-user environments should also make MCP compatible with Remote Desktop and Terminal Services. These Windows services make it possible to control MCP from a remote computer. This functionality has not been tested.

Plus Miscellaneous Bug fixes
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