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We have a Master Index of Subwoofer projects so why not a Speaker Project thread? I will update it regularly so you can PM me or post a link to your build and I will post it here. If I could get a sticky on this thread that would be great

DIY Gallery
Master Index of DIY Subwoofer Projects

Speaker Projects by AVSForum Members:

3 4Pis are being imagined in my head by tgaffner1

4 Pi Home Theater Build by NWCgrad
7 DIY speaker build thread by crackyflipside
88 Special Center Channel Build by joebuddyguy

88 Special & Volt 10 Build Thread by michaelddd
AE TD12M + Beyma CP380M + SEOS12 Build by Hot Grits
AE TD12x SEOS12 Build!!!!! by BeastAudio
AE TD15X + B&C DE500 + QSC Waveguide questions & build thread by lennon_68
Alchemy MTM L&R Curved Towers by aaronlinkous

Anarchy/Dayton TM featuring the Curvomatic by PassingInterest
Another SEOS project by Scott C.

Appreticeships 2-way speaker build by tuxedocivic

AviaTrix TM Build by BeerParty

BBV2 Small Sat/Sub System by augerpro

Bravox-TangBand Bookshelf Build by lowpolyjoe

Budget Eminence Coaxial surround build!!! by beastaudio

Budget Surround Build by Jay1

Can you smell what Brando's cooking!? by augerpro

Center Channel Build - Curved SLA by bbowers

Challenger - Compact 2.5 way silver flute/SB build by tuxedocivic

Chalugadp 1099 Curved CC Build by Chalugadp

Cheap - and i mean it - 2.1 system build log! by Th3_uN1Qu3
Cheap Thrills Build by mhutchins

Cinema 10 Max build and 4 Volt 6s by Genofive0

Cinema-10 Max & Volt 8 Build by nograveconcern

Cinema 88 for LCR by jdaddieo
Classix II by notnyt

Clearwave 4TSE and 4CCSE Build t6902wf

Cocentric-8 Build by Willie

Colorado AviaTrix by hosejockey61
Cornscalas -  2 way Tractrix by brian 6751
critique my DIY speaker build by formfactor

CSS Criton.2 MLTL build by Vin Vendel

Curved Econo-wave Build Thread by tsloms
Curved SEOS Tempest Build by realtight

Curved SLA center channel build by Eddie Horton

Curvy Volt-10 by Nick****achi
Daniel surrounds, with a twist! by Stumbo

Dayton Classic WMTMW Build by SilentJ20

DIY ice chest stereo??? by sjc67

DIY Main speaker build with Lambda TD drivers by penngray
DIY SEOS for HT upgrade by cuzed2

DIYSG Volt10LX Build by cailenwaddell

DIY Sound Group 88 Special Build Thread and Guide by bitmap42
DIYSG 5.2 System by matrixarp

DIY speaker build using Waveguides...looking for advice by penngray

DIY Synergy horn by mtg90
DIY Waveguide - With questions by Myggpower
Dtsdig Curvy-Cab Tux-1099 Build!! by dtsdig

Econowave 10" - TD10M, HF10TX, XT1086 by Antripodean

Econowave Build by Digital_Chris

Econowave Deluxe build by jayhawk785

Econowave Project by dandydlandy

Econowave Semi-Deluxe Build by dykz34

Econowave SP Compact - Ode to Zilch by Big Stogie

Econowave SR L/C/R build by Cerdic

E-Wave box type? by gmannel

Ewave build by titch--

ewave SR w/PE trap cab, need ideas/advice by maxcooper
Finally ordered Fusion-12s by Rebel975

Fusion-4 Tower Build by the-jessman
Fusion-8 Alchemy MTM, Piano Black by JWagstaff

Fusion-8 Alchemy Towers and Center Build by Samurai_1600

Fusion 10-Pure Build by VR6Sniper

Fusion 10 Max Build by coolrda
Fusion-10 Max; build thread. by aspd

Fusion 12 Tempests + stands, Sealed UXL-18 and Fusion 8 Alchemy MTM build by bassment
Fusion-12 Tempest + Seos 12 build not your typical finish by turbosc297

Fusion-15 Sentinel build by laugsbach

Fusion 15 V2 non-flatpack by asarose247

Helium Micro Monitors by corradizo

Help Me Build Crites CS-1 Speakers by smokarz
High output, multiple driver DIY main recommendations by Gorilla83

High SPL/Low Distortion DIY Loudspeaker build (3-way design) by penngray
HoG's Elusive 1099 build by HOG_FATALFIRE
Hybird Seos - Selenium 10pw3 and DNA350/Seos12 by Gorilla83
Jack of All Trade Build by nube
Just another Tempest thread by autox320

JBL 8330 project thread by filtor1
Karma-8 by k2sno311
Karma 8 EOS Build by CodyO
L&R SEOS Tempest Build by MrSmithers

LCR & Sub for $1500 by greg_mitch

Line Array design with Aurum Cantus Drivers by Andrikos
Long time lurker jumps on the bandwagon, Zephyr Style by onebadmonte
Low profile Cheap Thrills by Stumbo
My new DIY SEOS Builds and DIY Subs! by 351carlo

MTG-06-OWS bookshelf build by maxcooper

Natalie P (was Hi-Vi MTM) by Exocer

NeoPro 5i + PHL1120 + TD15M by lennon_68

New Speaker Build (ZDT3.5) and sub build thread by aduljr

NHT Speaker Clone Project: VR-3 by Erich H

NWCgrad's 10" coaxial collaborative design by NWCgrad

Octo-Quad-Hexa Build by DevonDeyholos

Overnight Sensation Finished Pics by bbowers
Paul Kittinger's "Marcato" by mike47
Ported Statements build by Madskaman

QSC SC-2150 Clone by chucky08016

REECARRAY build! by reecew
Scanspeak B741 build by dragon666

Sealed SSR attempt with hardwood edges by cacophonix
SEOS Fusion 10 Pure Assembly by cogeng182
SEOS Tempest 12 vs Cheap Thrill by Willie
Sealed Tempest LCR + Dual One Pi Surrounds by MrKazador
Seos Tempest Towers Build by Bud Heavy
Seas Idunn Build by sssb

Sealed TriTrix Build by tculverhouse
Selah Audio Tanzanite Build by rec head

Semi clone of JBL 3731's build thread by MKtheater

Seos 1099 Build by mikehenya
Seos12's, 7 Cel 15's, 6 Dayton UM's by BassThatHz
Seos 12/DNA360/TD12M by trancemitr

SEOS 12/AE TD12M Project by filtor1
SEOS-12/TD12M/DNA-360 BUILD by robotbunny
SEOS12 Deltalite Erich Flatpack  Kit Build by Dsl1
SEOS-12 / DNA-360 / Delta 10a build  by lukeamdman
SEOS 12 / DNA-360 / Eminence Delta 12LFA Curved Build by Nick****achi
SEOS 12 / DNA360 / TD12M Mains and In-wall Center by brian6751
SEOS12/2512 Build by Java
SEOS-12 / DNA-360 / JBL 2226(J) by Brad Horstkotte
Seos-15 / DNA-360 + AE TD15M  by Maxcooper
SEOS CT Max by 3AMRecords

SEOS Franken-steen by Ian Beeuwkes
SEOS Fusion-12 Tempest + Fusion 8 Alchemy by amo76
Seos Surround Build by Java
SEOS Tempest Build by atabea
Seos Tempest Build by Shan87
Seos Tempests + Seos Fusion 10s by Sibuna
Seos Zephyr Build by nater1
"Shh, No Talking" Home Theater... by Digital_Chris

Side and Rear Surround Build (3 way design) by JeffC

Soundemons Statement Speaker build by soundemon

Stentorian build by Dusty Shopfloor

Stgdz's QSCinema build by stgdz
Super Seos Build! by ChopShop1
Super V by Perry R

Surrounds Build Project by ifeliciano
Surround Speaker Design by mhutchins
Synergy Horns-Dayton and PRV by SpeakerScottt
TD12M/SEOS-12 build by AV Science Sales 5
TDM15 - SEOS 12 - BMS4550 / Dual TDM6 - SEOS 12 - BMS4550  by Bass Addict
TD12x SEOS Tower Speaker Build by bhazard

Tell me how nice my new home-made waveguides look by bwaslo

TLAH build by Brad Horstkotte

Trompie`s Curved "Statement Family" by trompie
Tux 1099 build by Fatshaft
Tux 1099's + Fusion-8 Alchemy's by NixEqnx
V8 Slant coaxial surround build by d_c
V-10 Volt Coaxial Surround Build by G-Money1572

V12 Tower by pokeme
Vented Tritrix Curved Build by lowpolyjoe

Volt-6 Build by 91clone

Volt-6 Build Thread by swest

Volt 6 Immersive Audio Build by coolrda

Volt-6 Surrounds Build by nix4me
Volt 10 Build! by dtsdig

Volt PR Stud by popalock

Wayne Parham's Pi-4 speakers? Impressions? by BIGmouthinDC

Wayne Parham's Pi 4 Build Thread by nichol1997

WiSoundMAX Build log, The reset button by WiSounds
Yet another Tempest build by gijogeo

ZAPH Audio ZA5.3 in wall theater build by 1Jumper10
Zaph Za5 Center Channel Build by reggydavis
ZA5.3 DIY Kit Set by lowpolyjoe

ZRT 2-way build by ashmostro

Other speaker projects (not on Avsforum):

Bill Fitzmaurice Speaker Projects by Bill Fitzmaurice
Diy Sound Group by EricH

Flex Your PCD Mettle by Zilch

Guide to HTguide.com Completed Speaker Designs by HTguide Members

Parts-Express Project Showcase by Various members

Paul Carmody's DIY Audio Projects by Paul Carmody

Pi Speakers by Wayne Parham
Zaph Speaker Projects & ZA5 Family by Zaph

Zilch's AK Design Collaborative - Econowave Speaker by Zilch

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And a new Sticky is born.... great work Mrkazador

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good work, I just went to the members gallery for the speaker projects.

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Originally Posted by Mrkazador /forum/post/0

Already got that covered tuxedocivic, "Nameless 2-way speaker build by tuxedocivic"

Ahhh, didn't see that on my phone
thanks. Now that, that project is pretty much done and now this, I can change my sig and start something new

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Great working, can someone ask to sticky this thread?

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good stuff. i was looking for something like this a while back before i chose my first build... i asked where i could find a nice list like this and received some links to other sites, but i think it's a great idea to have this formatted list here.

the extra info threads section is an excellent addition.

how is it not sticky'ed yet?

+1 for the cause

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Originally Posted by Mrkazador /forum/post/20868434

No sticky yet

I bet lots of people don't even know this thread exists, lots of info in here!
Originally Posted by lowpolyjoe /forum/post/20875162

good stuff. i was looking for something like this a while back before i chose my first build... i asked where i could find a nice list like this and received some links to other sites, but i think it's a great idea to have this formatted list here.

the extra info threads section is an excellent addition.

how is it not sticky'ed yet?

+1 for the cause
Originally Posted by tuxedocivic /forum/post/21375353

Is there a reason this thread won't get stickied?
Originally Posted by Scott Simonian /forum/post/21376362

For some reason, I thought it was but I was confusing it with the DIY gallery thread which is mostly for picture posting of anything cool DIY.

This thread really should be stickied.

+5 on this thread made into a sticky.

I'm researching a future HT DIY speaker project for new mains R/C/L, and this thread has exactly what I'm looking for, it was "lost".

The Master Index of DIY Subwoofer Projects is up there, this should be next to it.


PM sent to mods "Mike Lang" & "Mike C"

[edit #2]

Saw this thread made to a sticky 30 minutes after PM sent, guess the "+5" did it

Thx mods.

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Thanks mods... great sticky.
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