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4k Blu rays are here, and HDR content is slowly trickling out to various streaming sites as well. And theres really no way to get updated on what gets added, so I decided to make a master list, that along with all you guys, we can keep track of what is available and where to get it from.

So whenever something new is added, post it up in here, and I'll edit this 1st post to reflect the newly added HDR content! And when something new is added, I will bold it in RED so it's easier to see.

-You can also post your expressions and opinions on whether or not something is worth checking out or worth spending your money on, because in the beginning its going to be fairly expensive ($25-$30 per movie, or a subscription based service.)

-Regarding UHD BD movies, Feel free to post info though about titles being released if you hear anything, I will add it into the main library when we can actually buy/pre-order them at stores. Fox has already announced that all future releases will be in 4k HDR, looks like sony is going to do the same also as they are starting to release a bunch of remasters in HDR.

Lets get this list started, hopefully will be adding more soon!!! As soon as Netflix or any other streaming site is created, we'll add that too!

*****note: you must have a 2015 HDR capable tv/ or a samsung with the sek3500 upgrade in order to decode and display HDR content. How your tv displays the HDR contents is dependent on your tv panels capabilities (dimming, nits, color space size).

****Early HDR grades is basically practice, as they get get more practice, content will be graded more efficiently.

Do I have an HDR TV??? This article has a list of currently available HDR tvs


Where to watch HDR content/What sources support HDR playback??

Heres an article with a great summary of what streaming and physical sources support HDR.

https://www.consumerreports.org/lcd-led-oled-tvs/where-to-watch-4k-content-with-hdr/ NEW


Some UHD BD's are redeeming UHD digital codes. For now, certain streaming sites are tied to a certain studio. for example:

vudu = warner brothers
sony= ultra
fox = MGO (but does not redeem UHD)

I will note next to the UHD BD if there is a UHD redeemable code, but only for titles that are available to purchase now

How to Redeem Your Code and Where? Check out this NEW thread for those answers as it can get complicating about where/how to redeem!


For Better Organization, I made the lists into Spoilers, so click the spoiler to see the full lists of each category!

Current MASTER LIST of 4k Blu rays, there's ALOT!!!


Coming Soon/Announced:
COMING SOON list over at Bluray.com NEW

this list has a great layout and goes month by month and is updated daily (by many people too!).


Available NOW:

I've added a red * in front of movies i find to be reference, in either resolution, HDR, or BOTH. These movies IMO are a great starting point in building a 4k UHD collection!! These are my personal PQ favorites!

I'm adding a new list from another website that gets updated more often. It will list whether its from a 2k/4k master, if it has Atmos/dtsX, and whether or not it has DV or just HDR10.

https://stack.com.au/film-tv/stack-4k-ultra-hd-specifications-guide/ NEW

Dolby Vision (with HDR10 as base layer)

Heres a fantastic list from bluray.com that is updated almost every day that contains titles that are Dolby Vision. Click on the movie thumbnails for additional information such as the Disc size and Audio Codecs:

http://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=276448 NEW


- A Wrinkle in Time (2018)
- Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)
-Black Panther (2018)
-Fifty Shades Freed (2018)
-The Greatest Showman (2017)
-DCU: Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018) (april)
- Paddington 2
- Early Man
-Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)
-Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) (Feb 27th)
-Jurassic Park 1,2,3
-Jurassic World (2016)
- Mama Mia The Movie (2008)
-Source Code (2011)
-Maze Runner - The Death Cure (2018)
-The Patriot (2000)
-The Matrix (1999)
-The Incredible Hulk (2008)
-The Shape of Water (2017)
-Ferdinand (2017)
-Gladiator (2000)
-Pitch Perfect 1,2,3
-The Post (2017)
-Downsizing (2017)
-Knowing (2009)
-Push (2009)
-Coco (2017)
-Daddy's Home 2
-Ferdinand (2017)
-Straight Outta Compton (2015) (Unrated Director's Cut)
-The Dark Crystal (1982) 4K UHD
-Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) 4K UHD
-Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)
-Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)
-Suburbicon (2017)
- Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) 4K UHD
- Thor: Ragnorak
- Gintama
- Murder on the Orient Express
- You are Wanted (season 1)
- Coco
- Zero Dark Thirty (best buy exclusive)
-- the Dark Town (2nd half 2017)
- The Departed
- Darkland

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (2018)
- Batman Begins
- The Dark Knight
- The Dark knight rises
- Interstellar
- Inception
- Dr. Seuss How the Grinch stole Christmas (2000)
- American Made -Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
-Across the Universe (2007)
-Earth: One Amazing Day (2017)
- Serenity - The Prestige
- Blue Planet 2
- Groundhog Day
- Moonlight
- The Mountain Between Us
- Dunkirk
- Storks

- Logan Lucky
- A Few Good Men
- Cars 3
- A Charlie Brown Christmas
- Mother!
- Jumanji
-*- Men in Black 1,2,3 (december 2017)
- The LEGO Ninjago Movie
- Dr. Seuss How the Grinch stole Christmas (2000)
- Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix
- Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
- Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows-Part 1
- Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows-Part 2
-*- Kingsman: the Golden Circle
- Hanna Barbera Diamond Collection
- Get out
- Split
- The Purge 1, 2, 3
- Prometheus
- Snatched
-*- Baywatch
- Dracula Untold
- Van Helsing
- The Lincoln Lawyer
-*- Wonder Woman
- Starship Troopers
- Alien: Covenant
- Captain Underpants: the 1st epic movie
- Batman And Harley Quinn
- Bram Stokers Dracula
- The Mummy (2017)
- The Boss Baby
- Serenity
- Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
- The Old Gun (1975) - Spider-Man (Reimi) 1,2, 3
-*- Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2
- King Arthur : Legend of the Sword - minions - the Emoji Movie
- Rough Night
- Despicable Me 3
- Conan the Barbarian (2011)
- The Legend of Hercules (2014)
- Apollo 13
- E.T.: Extra Terrestrial
- Blade Runner (1982)
-*- Baby Driver - Pirates of the Carribean: Dead men tell no tales (October)
-*- War for the Planet of the Apes
- The Boss Baby Dolby Atmos

- Smurfs: The Lost Village Dolby Atmos

-*Kong: Skull Island Dolby Atmos

- Ghost in the Shell Dolby Atmos

-*King Kong DTS:X
- The Amazing Spider-Man 1 Dolby Atmos

-* John Wick Chapter 2 Dolby Atmos

- Terminator: Genysys Dolby Atmos

- The 5th Element Dolby Atmos[/B]
- Leon the Professional Dolby Atmos[/B]
- Your Name (Japenese Anime)
- Rise of the Planet of the Apes
- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
- Lego Batman Movie Dolby Atmos[/B]
- T2 Trainspotting
- Perfume: Story of a Murderer
- EX Machina DTS:X
- Dredd Dolby Atmos[/B]
- Snitch Dolby Atmos[/B]
- *Life Dolby Atmos[/B]
*- Logan (wolverine 3) Dolby Atmos
- Unforgiven
- 3:10 to Yuma
- Shin Godzilla
- Expendables 1 and 2 Dolby Atmos
- Iron Man 1, 2,
*- Iron Man 3
- * The Great Wall Dolby Atmos
- The Mummy, 1, 2, 3
- 50 Shades of Grey DTS:X
- 50 Shades Darker DTS:X
- xXx: Return of Xander Cage Dolby Atmos
- La La Land Dolby Atmos
- underworld: blood wars Dolby Atmos
*- Patroits Day DTS:X
*- Why Him
- Smurfs part 1
*- Assasins Creed Dolby Atmos
- Fast and Furious 6 DTS:X
*- Fast and Furious 7 DTS:X
* - Passengers Dolby Atmos
*- Planet Earth 2
*- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Dolby Atmos
- Sing
*- Hacksaw Ridge Dolby Atmos
- Trolls Dolby Atmos
*-- Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk Dolby Atmos
*-John Wick Dolby Atmos
- Arrival
- Jack Reacher: Never go back Dolby Atmos VUDU
-Battleship DTS:X VUDU
-Keeping up with the Joneses
*-Inferno Dolby Atmos ULTRA
-Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky.
-Namibia - The Spirit of Wilderness 4K hdr
-Resident Evil: Afterlife Dolby Atmos
- The Birth of a Nation
- The Accountant VUDU
- The Girl on the Train DTS:X VUDU
- Deepwater Horizon Dolby Atmos
Underworld Dolby Atmos
Storks VUDU
*Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Dolby Atmos
*The Magnificent 7 Dolby Atmos
*Sully Dolby Atmos
The Bourne Identity DTS:X VUDU
The Bourne Supremacy DTS:X VUDU
The Bourne Ultimatum DTS:X VUDU
The Bourne Legacy DTS:X VUDU
Suicide Squad Dolby Atmos VUDU
Wild Africa/Tiny Giants
I am Legend VUDU
The Town VUDU
Mechanic: Resurection Dolby Atmos VUDU
The Secret Life of Pets Dolby Atmos VUDU
War Dogs VUDU
Sausage Party Dolby Atmos VUDU
Star Trek Beyond Dolby Atmos
The Hunger Games Dolby Atmos
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Dolby Atmos
*Hunger Games: mockingjay part 1 Dolby Atmos
*Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2 Dolby Atmos
The Divinci Code Dolby Atmos
Divinci Code: Angels and Demons Dolby Atmos
Independence Day: Resurgence Dolby Atmos
*Xmen: Apocalypse Dolby Atmos
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Dolby Atmos
Warcraft Dolby Atmos vudu
Jupiter Ascending
*The Great Gatsby vudu
Legend of Tarzan Dolby Atmos vudu
*Ghostbusters: Answer the Call 2016
Ice Age: collision course Dolby Atmos
Central Intelligence
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
*The Shallows Dolby Atmos
*Pacific Rim Dolby Atmos vudu
Everest Dolby Atmos vudu
Jupiter Ascending Dolby Atmos vudu
*The Great Gatsby
X-Men: 1st class
*Xmen: Apocalypse
Labyrinth Dolby Atmos
*Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: out of the shadows Dolby Atmos
Now you see Me 2 Now you See Me Part 2 Dolby Atmos
Angry Birds (4k+3D)
Snowwhite and the Huntsman VUDU DTS:X
The Huntsman: Winter's War VUDU DTS:X
*Lucy Dolby Atmos VUDU
Oblivion (august 9th) Dolby Atmos VUDU
Lone Survivor DTS:X VUDU
*Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Cut, rated R Dolby Atmos VUDU
*Man of Steel Dolby Atmos VUDU
Watchmen: Ultimate Cut (july 19th) VUDU
*Divergent Series: Allegiant Dolby Atmos
Divergent DTS:X
Divergent: Insurgent Dolby Atmos
*Eddie The Eagle Dolby Atmos
Star Trek (2009) june 14th Dolby Atmos
*Star Trek: Into Darkness IMAX edition (2013) june 14th Dolby Atmos
Ghostbusters 2 Dolby Atmos
Now you see me Dolby Atmos
Creed VUDU
Independence Day 20th Anniversary Edition DTS:X
Point Break VUDU
In the Heart Of the Sea Dolby Atmos VUDU
The Martian: Extended Cut Dolby Atmos
*Gods of Egypt DTS:X
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Dolby Atmos
*Risen NEW Dolby Atmos
*Deadpool NEW Dolby Atmos
The 5th Wave Dolby Atmos
*The Revenant
Concussion Dolby Atmos ULTRA
*Expendables 3 Dolby Atmos
Enders Game Dolby Atmos
*Sicario Dolby Atmos
The Last Witch Hunter DTS:X
San Andreas Dolby Atmos VUDU
*Mad Max Dolby Atmos VUDU
The Lego Movie VUDU
Pan Dolby Atmos VUDU
The Maze Runner
Xmen: Days of future past
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
The Martian
*Life of Pi
*Kingsman: The Secret Service
Exodus: Gods and Kings
Hitman: Agent 47
Fantastic 4
The Peanuts Movie Dolby Atmos
The Amazing Spiderman 2 Dolby Atmos ULTRA
*Chappie Dolby Atmos ULTRA
Salt Dolby Atmos ULTRA
Pineapple Express Dolby Atmos ULTRA
*Smurfs 2 Dolby Atmos ULTRA
Hancock Dolby Atmos ULTRA

Available NOW:
4k Night View Tokyo
*Journey to Space
HUMPBACK WHALES (narrated by Ewan McGregor),
WONDERS OF THE ARCTIC (narrated by Victor Garber)

Which movies are coming from true 4K masters?
Some of these movies are upscaled from 2k masters, some look good, some are average. For some lists that document the movies/shows from true 4k masters, check these out!




where to rent uhd discs?

it looks like 3d blu ray rental is gonna offer uhd discs too. Prices are 3.99-7.99 or have a plan.

Seems like a pretty decent price compared to a full purchase!


FandangoNOW (formerly MGO and currently samsung based).

**In order to view the MGO/fandangoNOW movies, you must purchase a vidity enabled hard drive, and then download the movie to the drive. The drive will come with Exodus and Mazerunner part 1 in 4k HDR, these 2 are early grades are not considered to be reference material for HDR. movies are 70-90 gigs and take 4-15 hours to download depending on internet speed. Link to purchase W.D. passport drive:


UPDATE DECEMBER 17th, 2015: It appears that MGO/fandagoNOW is now available through the ROKU 4, making it available now to all other tv brands besides samsung. However, because the roku 4 is NOT currently HDR capable, the HDR movies with the vidity spec are not yet available. An HDR update to the ROKU 4 is still possible says ROKU. Also, if mgo has opened up to roku, it means that MGO could be coming to other tv brands soon via the built in app system on those tvs. stay tuned for MGO updates on brand expansion!

** to get the best audio that MGO offers, bring up the time stamp while watching the movie, scroll over to the right and click on the globe icon, dolby digital will be activated
- Battleship
- X-Men: Apocolapsye
- The Martian: Extended Cut
- Eddie the Eagle
- Independence Day 20th anniversary
- Deadpool
- Joy.
- The Revenant
- Brooklyn
- Alvin and the Chipmunks Road Trip
- Victor Frankenstein
- Peanuts
- The Martian
- Hitman: Agent 47
- The Mazerunner 2: Scorch Trails
- The Fantastic Four remake
- Paper towns
- Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
- Xmen: Rogue cut
- Spy
- Poltergeist: Extended cut
- The Longest Ride
- Wild
- Exodus: Gods and Kings
- The Maze Runner
- Life of Pi
- Kingsmen: The Secret Service

Amazon Prime Video

TV SHOWS see post #2 for how to find the HDR material on amazon

All amazon is hdr10, some also are dolby vision, which are noted.

- The Tick
- Lore
- One Mississippi
- The Last Tycoon (full season) - - Le Mans: Racing is Everything
- Long Strange Trip
- Hand of God (season 2 only)
- Patriot
- I love Dick
- Bosch Season 1,2,3
- Z: The Beginning of Everything
- Sneaky Pete
- The Grand Tour
- Good Girls Revolt (8 episodes)
- Goliath (8 episodes)
- One Mississippi (6 episodes)
- Transparent season 1,2,3,4,
- Fleabag
- Mad Dogs (10 episodes)
- Mozart In The Jungle Season 1, 2, 3,
- The Man in The High Castle season 1, season 2
- Red Oaks Season 1, 2, 3

(As of late June 2016, some movies are now in Dolby Vision in addition ti hdr10, which requires a Dolby Vision tv)

- The Emoji Movie
- Close Encounters of the 3rd King
- Spider-Man: Homecoming
- Landline
- Baby Driver
- The Wall
- Starship Troopers: Traiter of Mars
- Rough Night
- The Big Sick
- Patterson (Prime/free)
- Manchester by the Sea (prime/free)
- T2: Trainspotting
- Smurfs: Lost Village
- Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
- Underworld BLood Wars
- Goosebumps
- The Amazing Spiderman 1
- Ghostbusters 2
- Annie
- Ghostbusters 2016
- The 5th Wave
- Pride+ Prejuduce Zombies
- Risen
- The Grimsby Brothers
- The Shallows
- Concussion
- Pixels
- 21 Jump Street
- Inferno
- Passengers
- Ghostbusters 2016
- Sausage Party
- Angry Birds
- When the Bough Breaks
- Chappie (DV ONLY)
- Hotel Transylvania
- The Walk
- The Night Before
- The
- Chi-Raq
- The Living Sea
- Dolphins
- Coral Reef Adventure
- Van Gogh: Brush with Genius
- Hancock (DV)
- Elysium (DV)
- Fury (DV)
- Men in Black 3 (DV)
- Pineapple Express (DV)
- After Earth ( DV )
- Salt (DV)
- The Amazing Spiderman 2 (DV)
- Smurfs 2 (DV)

VUDU (Dolby Vision only for right now, Vizio R, Vizio P, LG 2016 tvs)

*if you have a roku 4 or any vizio built in app, these titles are available to all brands in regular UHD with 10 bit color and dolby atmos

*it appears that dolby atmos sound has been added to a bunch of titles, check the info on the website to make sure which ones have it.
Here is the link for the full VUDU list with additional information about each title.


- Fate of the Furious (theatrical and extended)
- Chips
- Kong Skull Island
- Ghost in the Shell
- John Wick 2 (must redeem first 2 see it)
- Power Rangers (must redeem 1st to see it)
- King Arthur (august 8th)
- The Great Wall
- Office Christmas party
- The Lego Batman Movie
- XXX: Return of Xander Cage
- 50 Shades Darker
- 50 Shades of Grey
- Sing
- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them NEW
- Live by Night NEW
- Collateral Beauty NEW
- The Princess Bride
- Silence of the Lambs
- Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
- The Accountant
- The Girl on the Train
- The Jason Bourne series (all 5 individual titles).
- Sully
- Suicide Squad
- Storks
- I am Legend
- Secret Life of Pets
- The Town
- The Bourne Identity
- War Dogs
- Central Intelligence
- Lights out
- Star Trek Beyond
- The Legend of Tarzan
- Central Intelligence UNRATED
- Me Before You
- If I Stay
- The Nice Guys
- Oblivion
- Lucy.
- Everest
- Lone Survivor
- The Huntsman: Winters War
- Creed
- Shun (3 minute demo, FREE)
- The Flesh of Lovers (3 minute demo, FREE)
- Hidden (3 minute demo, FREE)
- Breath (3 minute demo, FREE)
- Hidden (3 minute demo, FREE)
- Keanu
- Batman vs superman (extended and theatrical cut)
- How to be Single
- Watchmen: Ultimate Cut
- Point Break
- The Intern
- Annabelle
- In the Heart of the Sea
- Pacific Rim
- The Conjuring
- Our Brand Is Crisis
- Black Mass
- Pan
- We are your friends
- Entourage
- Goodfellas
- Man of Steel
- Edge of Tomorrow
- The Lego Movie
- Jupiter Ascending
- Magic Mike XXL
- Sherlock Holmes
- Sherlock Holmes 2
- San Andreas
- Focus
- The Great Gatsby
- Run All Night
- Into the Storm
- Mad Max: Fury Road
- The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
- The Gallows
- American Sniper
- Get Hard
- Hangover 1
- Hangover 2
- Hangover 3
- Vacation
- Hot Pursuit

DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT: In order to view content you download, you simply download them to your computer and then put them on a USB drive and plug into your tv.


Included in this file is 2 Dolby Vision HDR demos, along with 5 HDR10 demos, all are reference quality and HIGHLY recommended!!!

In order for these to work, after you complete the download, you must go into the file properties, and change the file name from .lge to .mkv, files won't work without doing this.


TOM ROPER: AVS members' personally made SMPTE HDR videos

Fireworks HDR, 12 minutes long, 3.5GigNEW


12second preview of Fireworks HDR demo

Colorado Scenerie

Random HDR test Footage

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9p82xjTYmAxRktTMjFYcUJiaWs/view (25 second test clip)


This is a host site. These are free for everyone. People/companies can shoot and create their own HDR videos and host them here. Click on the link, and on the lower right side of the screen you will find download links that are highlighted in RED, click the link that says 4K DOWNLOAD HDR. If you click on "home" itll take you to the main page where you can find a few more UHD videos (regular UHD).

SWIPE: An HDR demo that swipes with an SDR version across the screen




Colorado ELdorado HDR


Life Untouched HDR


Rogers Cable Company (SE canada)

EDIT (APRIL 8TH 2016): Rogers has delayed HDR sports until 2018. Games will continue to be in 4k resolution and look excellent.

NETFLIX Dolby Vision and HDR10

FULL MASTER LIST HERE: (HDR is indicated in the list)


AVAILABLE NOW: check your device compatibility

- Chasing Coral
- The Defenders
- Death Note
- Firechasers
- Naked
- Mindhunter
- 1st They Killed my Father
- Our Souls at Night
- Friends From College
- Glow
- Okja
- Blame!
- War Machine
- Pee Wees Big Holiday
- The Siege of Jadotville
- Sandy Wexler
- Girl Boss
- Iron Fist
- Samurai Gourmet
- Cosmis Laundromat
- Chefs Table Season 3 only
- Abstract
- Sparks (3 minute demo)
- Santa Claira Diet
- Luke Cage
- Knights of Sidonia 2 seasons ANIME
- Jessica Jones
- DareDevil season 1&2
- The OA
- Meridian
- Hibana Spark
- Chefs Table France
- Marco Polo season 1 DV/HDR10
- The Do-Over HDR10 and DV
- The Ridiculous 6 DV/hdr10
- Marco Polo season 2 DV/hdr10
- Marco Polo: one hundred eyes dv/hdr10

Announced/Coming Soon:

A Series of Unfortunate Events ( looks unlikely)
Bloodline (possibly season 3 in may, stay tuned)
Marvel’s The Defenders

ULTRA (New Sony streaming app, only on SONY Tvs!)
Ghostbusters (2016)
The Shallows.
The Walk
The brothers Grimsby
Pride and Predjiduce and zombies
The 5th Wave
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Men In Black 3
Smurfs 2
The Night Before
Hotel Transylvania 2
After Earth
Pineapple Express
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Ghostbuster's 2
Men in Black

Kaleidescape Strato

This an external download box. Movies can be purchased for download. Follow the link for the list of movies!


ULTRAFLIX (spring/summer 2016)


As of November 7th, 2016, youtube now carries HDR videos. However, youtube requires VP9 2.0 for HDR, which is only available on SOME 2016 tvs and some external devices. Currenly, only the newest google Chromecast can access YTHDR.

Youtube Playlists: NEW

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiR84k_ua63bZrh5JbkkzU2XEfXl9Fe8I NEW



What is HDR? How does HDR improve the picture? Why should you want HDR? Explained here in a "reference" article! NEW

A very great and detailed article on HDR from back in March 2015 I believe. It is around 16 pages long from a magazine and has comparison pictures from "Amazing Spiderman 2", "blacklist" and "Annie".

Theres an interview where they talk about the differences in 10 bit, 12 bit etc,

This is the type of link that you will want to bookmark for future references on HDR.


HDR External Streaming Devices

- Samsung 4k blu ray player K8500 (amazon HDR)
- Nvidia Shield (netflix HDR)
- XBOX 1 S (netflix HDR )
- Roku 5 Ultra
- Roku 5 PREMIER+
- Pansonic UB900
- chromecast Ultra


If you have access to the comcast XFINITY app, they will be offering the opening and closing ceremonies of the RIO OLYMPICS in 4k HDR. As of right now, only Samsung and LG tvs have access to this app.


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UPDATE: Amazon finally improves and changes the UI for UHD

updated UI from amazon, theyve made it very easy to switch between the diffferent UHD sections. see pictures below!

1. Locate UHD section on main Amazon page.

2. Enter UHD section. Now you have 4 different sections to choose from.

3. After choosing a section, you can locate if a movie or show is HDR by the HDR icon in the title info as seen here. Some will say "vision" for Dolby Vision, or "HDR" for regular HDR10. the HDR icon is located between the Age rating and SUBTITLE options.

4. To make sure you clicked an HDR movie/show, you can hit PAUSE at any time and there will be an HDR icon near the pause bar as shown in the following picture: (it is common for the resolution on amazon to change from 1080p to UHD throughout your show, as shown in this picture on the time bar)


There is a lot of confusion about how to access HDR content on amazon. Amazon around november 20th revamped their UI and IMO for the worse. It now makes it extremely difficult to find the UHD material, and its even more trickier to find the HDR content.

If you do not go directly to the UHD section, your tv will play the show in only HD/1080P.

to find the HDR tv shows/movies. simply scroll all the way down to the bottom of the categories. There will be a section called "Ultra HD movies" and "Ultra HD TV shows". You MUST go to these specific categories to see any UHD or HDR stuff.

Next, if you want to find the "HDR Badge" to make sure what you are about to watch is indeed HDR, follow these next directions. **you will NOT see any type of HDR badges during playback, it is only in the movie info**

-scroll down to UHD tv section (see picture)
-click on tv show
-instead of clicking "watch now", scroll to the left and click on the episode name, this will send you into expanded info. (highlighted in yellow in picture)
-here, you will see the HDR badge right next to "CC", and "5.1" (see picture)

Unfortunately, this is the only way to know if what you are watching on amazon is in HDR. if you do not have an HDR tv, you will not see an HDR badge. Hopefully amazon in the future will make it easier to find HDR stuff.


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i'm pretty sure the full season of The Man in the High Castle (Amazon Prime) should be in HDR. the pilot was in HDR, however, since they updated the preview with the 2nd episode, both episodes are showing in regular 4K. hopefully it's still HDR once released November 20th.

great thread!

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i'm pretty sure the full season of The Man in the High Castle (Amazon Prime) should be in HDR. the pilot was in HDR, however, since they updated the preview with the 2nd episode, both episodes are showing in regular 4K. hopefully it's still HDR once released November 20th.

great thread!

U know I checked that a few times and I never seen the hdr tag in the movie info. Definitely keep an eye on it and see what happens!

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Great thread, I watched Man in the High Castle(Great show btw) and only saw it as 4k, would look nice in HDR I am sure.

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Great idea to create a resource to find these movies and shows. Thank you
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Thanks for the list!

How do you play the 3D demos? Do we need to download them to a USB stick and plug them into the TV or can a smart TV play an mp4 file directly in some way?

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Thanks for the list!

How do you play the 3D demos? Do we need to download them to a USB stick and plug them into the TV or can a smart TV play an mp4 file directly in some way?

No problem!

The links I provided from the demo 3d site are all HDR demos, so yes you download them and then put them on a USB drive.

I believe that site tho does offer actual 3d clips if your interested, there's a category bar on the left side on the main page of demo3d.

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Pretty garbage offerings so far, although I have purchased Amazing Spider Man 2, Fury, and After Earth. Seen enough of the tech to know it's good and will restrain myself from purchasing any more junk movies just to check out the picture quality.

Will be nice once Amazon starts offering new releases on digital in 4K w/HDR. Would buy the new Mission Impossible in a heart beat.

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Ultraflix went live on Samsung Tvs this morning. Waiting for confirmation from Sony crowd and lg that they also received the update.

Appears to only be 4k right now, but theyve already stated they want to have the largest hdr library as well.

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I decided to bite the bullet on Smurfs 2 on amazon to see how the HDR grade was, ive checked out the 4k version on netflix a few times, so i had an idea of how the regular 4k version looked. the Amazon HDR version EASILY trumps the 4k netflix version. the expanded colors create an entirely different picture with crazy depth to it. Not to mention, Smurfs2 has one of the best resolution grades so unlike alot of other "4k" films, smurfs 2 actually looks like real 4k and with the HDR grades, creates quite an amazing. Definitely the closest to "reference quality" as far as 4k HDR that i have seen.

just for fun i did match up a few scenes with some pictures I had previously taken with the 4k version on netflix. I do see HDR becoming a very expensive hobby once the big name titles start to arrive!


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Pretty garbage offerings so far, although I have purchased Amazing Spider Man 2, Fury, and After Earth. Seen enough of the tech to know it's good and will restrain myself from purchasing any more junk movies just to check out the picture quality.

Will be nice once Amazon starts offering new releases on digital in 4K w/HDR. Would buy the new Mission Impossible in a heart beat.
Have you watched Bosch? It's a great show.

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VUDU (Dolby Vision only for right now)

- Man of Steel
- Edge of Tomorrow
- The Lego Movie
- Jupiter Ascending
- Magic Mike XXL
- Sherlock Holmes
- Sherlock Holmes 2
- San Andreas
- Focus
- The Great Gatsby
- Run All Night
- Into the Storm
How did you determine this? I don't see any flags on the Vudu website. Thank you!

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Have you watched Bosch? It's a great show.
Nah, the HDR on it is really screwed up and I can't even get the regular 4K versions of it, so I'll just wait until it gets sorted out.

I checked out the show Z about Zelda fitzgerald last night.

The show didn't really tickle my fancy, but oh my god the picture was stunning. Might have been the most impressive 4K video/movie content I've seen to date.

You can really see the difference in the shots of the sky where it's bright as hell but not blown out at all.

That good girls revolt show is total garbage all around, picture quality looked dull and the show was awful.

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How did you determine this? I don't see any flags on the Vudu website. Thank you!

Only the vizio R can see the flags. Multiple articles from a few weeks ago confirmed these were their dolby vision 1st releases.

EDIT: I think what your looking for is the vudu uhd website, because the regular vudu site doesn't mention uhd or hdr.

Lots of info here:


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It may be out of scope for this thread, but it would be cool to list the hardware platforms that support each category (e.g., under vudu note that it's only supported on Vizio R tvs, etc.)?

Ill see what I can do without making the list itself look sloppy or too complicated.

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Pretty garbage offerings so far... will restrain myself from purchasing any more junk movies just to check out the picture quality.

I respectfully disagree.

Yes I agree there are quite a few shows/movies on these lists that probably do not need to be in HDR (as they are/were not that good), however, I did see quite a few shows/movies that I would consider excellent choices.

(e.g. Life of Pi, Exodus, X-Men, Kinsmen, Into the Storm (for the effects and visuals), and more...)


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When Amazon first came out with HDR I could see a big difference, they have done something to mess it up and now it looks worse than the 4K non-HDR versions. I don't think Amazon HDR is close to what we will see on the HDR Bluray players coming out and hope Netflix does a better job than Amazon. I have a LG oled but before I sold my JS9500 the HDR which looked amazing at first from Amazon, looked horrible just as it does on the OLED. MGO was far superior and is the in thing I miss about owning a Samsung 4K set.

Z: the beginning of Everything looks excellent. Why can't Amazon do the with all HDR offerings?
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