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I live in Canada and just picked up the Boston Acoustics Soundware S speaker package for $499. It sounds great so far but is being powered with a 12 year old denon 2 channel amp. I have been hunting for the right home theatre geared amp for them. My initial looks were the Onkyo 515/616 or the Denon 2113. I would also be willing to pick up last years or lightly used models and have targeted in on either the Denon 1912 or the Onkyo 609.

The intent is that this set up will be used for 70% home theatre, 30% music. Although networking would be nice for firmware upgrades, I will have no use for streaming asthere will be an HTPC in the drivers seat. I also do not need dual zone and will only ever need 5.1 or 2 channel. Although 4 HDMI ins is acceptable, 6 would be a nice bonus. I also ike the automated calibration feature because I am not an audiophile (I would rate myself as an eductated noob with very high standard:p:p)

Bottom line, realizing that this speaker set up is low-mid end, I'm looking for a good amp that isn't over the top to power them. Any recommendations?
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