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Afternoon everyone.


Onkyo TX-NR515

HTPC (connected via HDMI)

Polk RC80i speakers in ceiling as surrounds.

System used for TV, movies. Rarely music.

9' Ceiling, seating range 6-8' from tv, which is on the same wall the fronts and center will be on.

Budget: $500 max for all three speakers, total.

My installers have convinced me to embed my center and fronts in my wall. I have RC80i's for the rear. Can anyone recommend some matching front speakers? They will be embedded in my wall, obviously, and I'd like them to be timbre matched to the rears, so I'm assuming Polks, but I don't honestly know which. I'm doing my research, and wanted to ask the experts here.

Currently I am looking at the RC85i and the 255c-RT. Thoughts?

Additionally, I'm told to get 4 wire in wall insulated speaker wire (in case I want to add two more in the ceiling, which are being mounted at the same time). Does speaker wire matter? Are there recommendations as well?

Thank you in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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