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Matin Logan Fresca 1 or Vignettes

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I need a center channel to go with my Montages. Anybody have some experience with these ?
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I have heard the Fresco and liked it a lot. It's a 3-way speaker, while the Vignette is a 2-way. The Vignette is less expensive and uses a tweeter unit similar (possibly identical) to your Montages. The crossover freq is similar as well. That could help them sound alike and thus blend well. I think the Fresco uses the same tweeter as the Vignette, but it uses a thin film design for the midrange unit as well. Crossover freqs are different than Vignette or Montage, which makes sense for a 3-way design. I think the woofers in the Fresco and Vignette are identical, but the Vignette runs the woofers farther up into the midrange because it lacks a separate midrange driver.

The Fresco has a contour switch to tune the frequency response to on-wall or off-wall mounting, but I don't think the Vignette has this feature. This could matter if you plan to wall-mount the speaker.

You migh also consider the BGCorp Z-5 which retails for 3 benjamins (BG is the OEM manufacturer of the ATF drivers in the Martin Logan Speakers).

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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