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Matrix Audio MRC-8e

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Last summer, we bought a house that came with a dedicated home theater room and what appeared to be a distribured audio system of some sort. As the house was in bad shape (except for the theater), it has been going through substantial remodeling (almost a complete re-building). Now that much of the structure is complete, I am starting to pay attention to the wiring and systems.

As it turns out, the system that was left by the previous owners is Matrix Audio MRC-8e which, according to my quick Googling, while a few years old, still a very capable system as far as simply distributing 2channel audio is concerned. I figured that since I already have the system, I will put it to use by wiring up the zones in the house.

The trouble is, we only have 4 or so keypads for the thing and from what I can tell, the unit is capable of 8 zones.

Now, it appears that the company has since been bought up by the AMX and the product line appears to have been discontinued. It seems that the system is old enough that no one seems to carry the keypads or other accessories any more.

Does anyone know of any source somewhere in NA that carry them? I don't suppose some of their newer keypad (like the MIO) will work...

I would appreciate any leads on this.

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We are in the same boat. We need 2 ivory colored kp10e keypads. We bought some kp4e model keypads from AMX but they did not work. AMX has told me that a complete upgrade would be needed. If anyone has any old keypads, please write me! Thanks.
I have the unit and have 7 key pads that work and are ivory. My unit has one or two dead zones so I am thinking of sell it off for parts. If you have an interest let me know.

UPDATE 1/9/2010 - The MRC-8e has a 20 year warranty of which 5 1/2 have passed. I sent it in for a complete service in August (dated on the unit). I also have 10 KP-10e ivory keypads. The system is for sale. I paid $225 per key pad and $3,000 for the controller/ amplifier. I will accept reasonable offers paid through PayPal.
Hi. i am interested in 4 keypads. Do you still have them? Please check your inbox. thanks.
it seems that these things should be self explanitory as i'm not an idiot and worked in communications industry i should hae no issues, but not so. does any one have a manul they can upload?
Give them a call. I was able to obtain a manual in PDF form from them. They were very good about e-mailing it to me when I called. Did not give me any hassle even though I was not the original purchaser of the product.

I also asked about the keypad and they told me that they have some small number of them left but they are not selling them. They said that the remaining stock is low and they made a decision to reserve the remaining to support existing units out there. If you have a failed keypad, they will use those reserve parts to fulfill their warranty obligations.
every site i find doesn't have a way to call and the emails all get returned or tell me to try another site/company. does anyone ahve a number or a pdf i can access?

This is the page I found their contact.

www [dot] amx [dot] com/contactamx/

For US, they list the following. I called and got through on the first try and they e-mailed me the manual PDF within 10 minutes of talking to them. Perhaps I got lucky.

U.S. Sales & Support



Fax: +1.469.624.7153

service @ amx . com
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Originally Posted by jwbr71 /forum/post/16863040

Hi. i am interested in 4 keypads. Do you still have them? Please check your inbox. thanks.


I have 4 keypads as well as a complete MRC-8E unit (with 4 zones) for sale. If you're interested, let me know.


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