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Max. $1000 3 channel power amp for 4 ohm loads

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Any recommendations on a 3 channel power amp suitable for driving 4 ohm center front channel & 2 surround B&W's at $1,000 or less?

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While I won't recommend a brand, I will recommend a type - "used". Unlike processors and other gear with bells and whistles, amps don't change much year to year. Buying used lets you pay 40 to 60% of MSRP. Here are some quick examples from audiogon:


I haven't bought a new amp in a long time. Welcome to the Forum.

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How about a used Rotel RB-993 (200x3)? About $600 used.
You don't specify the power you want. Used Parasound and Citation amps are relatively inexpensive and will easily drive 4 ohm loads.

Can't recall the Parasound models off the top of my head. Look for a Citation 7.1 or 5.1 amp. Both are 4 channel amps that have 150w/100w into 8 ohms, respectively.
MCA 30, 225Wx3 (185 all channels driven) - MSRP is $1300 but can be had for less
Thanks to all who offered advice.

I will investigate both new & used options as suggeted, but MCA 30 looks good from my perch.
short list the Adcom GFA-5503. Good stuff! Available used for around $650-$700.
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