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Max. Safe Temperature?

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We all know the box runs hot, but hot is too hot? Is there a max. safe temp? For example, if I tape my Type K Tmermocouple on the top center of the box, as the probe has no real thermo mass, it should quickly read the cases outer temp. In a draft free space, how high can that go before the reliability with suffer?

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I'm not sure there's really an answer to that question.

I suppose that there is a point at which the unit would start to suffer immediate problems, but I wouldn't call that threshold "max safe". You really wouldn't want to be close to that temperature.

Other than the above, there are actually two parts to the temperature that has an effect on your unit. One is the average temperature, which can best be minimized by allowing room for air circulation around the unit. I think the suggestion has been 8 inches of clearance above the unit. Also, you need to make sure that the unit isn't inclosed in a piece of furnature that is restricting air flow.

The other part of temperature that affects your unit is fluxuation. You really don't want the temperature to go through constant changes. It would be better for the box to run at a constant 40 degrees than for someone to periodically do something to cool it off. Usually, this factor isn't a problem unless the user steps in to "fix" the heat issue and periodically does something drastic to the temperature.

To find what the "max safe" temperature is for the unit, you might check your owner's manual. It probably lists specifications for the unit.

On a personal note, my PVRs are generally cool (~38 degrees) because the room they are in is kept at around 10 to 13 degrees. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

"It's like living in the future."â„¢

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Originally posted by Jim Skoog:
Dr. Zed,

Why so cold?
Oh, Jim, don't ask.... Space aliens generally prefer cooler temps than earthlings.

And if you're interested in learning more about cooling down your RTV, search for the post from that renown boy scientist/engineer Michael Gwynn, who cobbled together a couple of PC cooling fans into a 21st century "cooling device", that keeps his Showstopper as cool as 81.5 degrees F!
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