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Maxent MX-42HPM20 questions ?

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone here bought a maxent MX-42HPM20. I found some thread about it but didn't find specific information I wanted to know.

1- How is the hd picture from this set ?

2 - How is the digital (non hd) picture ?

3 - Is gaming nice with this set with 360, ps3...(motion blur, burn-in etc) ?

4 - Your global experience with it

5 - Finally, could you post an actual picture of this set in your living room (i never saw

it for real in store, just online)

If you could give me feedback on one or several of these points, that would be very appreciated because I'm not sure yet if I should buy this set or go with a pricier model.

Thank you very much for your time
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Please, I need some input.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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