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MAXX Products MAXX LCOS 1400 Projector Review

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MAXX Products MAXX LCOS 1400 Projector Review

Having been a fan of LCOS technology for some time, we were excited to receive a review sample of the MAXX Products LCOS 1400 projector. Running it through its paces allowed us to compare this technology up close to LCD and DLP projectors we had utilized to date. The available inputs on the MAXX LCOS 1400 projector include RGBHV (also Y, Pr/Cr, Pb/Cb), HD15, S-video, and Composite. Currently-shipping versions of this projector include DVI-D with HDCP, so while we weren't able to test that on our model, installers need not worry. Overall, we were impressed with the visual capabilities of the unit. Having slightly less features than you might expect for the price, this projector is geared heavily towards installers who simply want a solid product with a great picture.

Features and Favorites

The MAXX LCOS 1400 comes with some excellent features. Here are some of our favorites:
  • Ultra High Resolution 3-Panel LCOS Display

    It's easy to get used to 1280 x 720 being the highest definition display you'll ever see. Once you experience something that can handle, for instance, 1125p, you'll be absolutely blown away. The LCOS panels have all the electronics on the backside (see inset) so you're not going to see the "screen-door effect" typical in LCD display panels. Add to that the sheer resolution of LCOS and you're in for a treat.
  • 1500 ANSI Brightness

    1500 ANSI lumens means that you can show films or television content with some ambient light in the room, especially if you are projecting onto a 100" screen or less. That means that you can get a bit more use out of the projector for daytime sporting events and other times you‘d like to invite friends over to watch a good show.
  • Ample Color Controls

    With a selectable color temperature control and manual adjustment of Red, Green, and Blue controls, you'll be able to dial in this projector to a pretty decent performance in terms of color. Out of the box you'll see it performed fairly well, so not much will have to be adjusted here unless you're a perfectionist.
Basic Setup and Installation

There are a couple of things you need to concern yourself with when purchasing a front projection system. First and foremost you'll need to determine the mounting position for the projector and, concurrently, what type and size of screen will be required for a good fit. For this review we utilized a Stewart StudioTek 130 screen, This is an ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) certified screen and is optimized for excellent white levels while allowing for deep, rich blacks in a light-controlled room. Focusing the MAXX LCOS 1400 was a challenge as it could only be done manually. From about 15 feet away I found myself rocking the focus back and forth until I settled in the middle where the image on the screen appeared to be in focus. A digital focus would have been much more welcome - especially with a fixed focal image that could be projected onto the screen.

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