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Today's Show:

We like to occasionally take a look at the top selling products at Amazon as a barometer of what is occurring in the larger Consumer Electronics market. Sometimes what we find shocks us, other times is confirms our suspicions, and sometimes it just flat out doesn’t make any sense at all. Yesterday we took a look at the top 10 selling HDTVs. What we found was in some ways surprising, but it certainly wasn’t shocking.

And don't miss the interview with the guys behind OpenRemote.org.

We also discuss:
  • Netgear R6300 Smart WiFi Router Giveaway
  • Do quantom dot displays pose challenges for OLED?
  • HP takes giant step toward 3D displays without glasses
  • LG's curved OLED HDTV to ship in June
  • Consumers need more information on UltraViolet
  • Home entertainment spending rose 5% in Q1

and a lot more...

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