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For about 500 bucks before shipping I came up with this design that uses new products from Creative Sound. Their new TRIO8 sub and 2 APR10 passive radiators, and the BASH 300 amp. Since this sub is an 8 ohm driver the amp is only putting out 150 Watts, which is just enough to keep the sub under the maximum excursion. The box is 14.5" cube made from 1/2" MDF, works out to about 1.25 cubic feet. I am not too big on the idea of the external weights on the PR's though. Are there any other 10" PR's out there?

This is the FR, sub excursion, and pr excursion(top to bottom):

This is what the PR's look like and the T/S parameters:

And here is a quick sketchup of the box:

So what do you guys think? Am I getting lot's of low end extension for a box this size? I was thinking of using 3/4" MDF but I think more airspace is better.
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