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Hey folks -

I've been hunting around the Intardwebz looking for an answer to this, and am coming up blank. I hope someone can help me out.

I'm running the latest patched 64-bit Vista Home Premium (SP2, et al). I've performed the registry hack to allow adding/playing of VIDEO_TS directories under MCE. And, MCE finds them just fine. However, when I start playing them, I get a pixelized screen, stuttered playback, skipping audio, etc. In other words, it's impossible to watch the movies that way.

It doesn't matter whether the movie is on the local HD or a remote SAMBA mount off of a Linux server. They both respond identically.

VLC plays the movies just fine, no skipping or anything. So something seems to be "broken" with MCE.

Can anyone suggest changes or whatnot? Is there any information I can provide that may help?

- 2.6Ghz i7 CPU

- 12G of RAM

- nVidia GTX295-based video card

- SoundBlaster Audigy sound card


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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