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MCE05 + 6800GT PCIe + 1080i = problem

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First of all, here is my hardware setup

Intel P4-3.0GHz HT (Dell Dimension 8400)

2x512MB DDR2 @533

Intel 925x motherboard

Nvidia 6800GTO 256mb GDDR3 PCIe, unlocked 4ps and 1vs with rivatuner

SB Audigy 2 output thru S/PDIF

Linksys WMP54G Wireless PCI

Hauppauge Win-TV PCI

2x120GB Seagate SATA in RAID 0

Samsung 16X DVD-ROM

Pioneer 106A DVD-RW


MCE 2005 (all windows update patches)

Nvidia Forceware 66.81

ZP 4.10 beta1 VMR9 with YUV mixing

NVDVD 4.00.59 (smart, non-dxva)

Reclock 1.4

DVDIdle Pro 5.50

Resolution 1920x1080i thru DVI (ext TDMS)

Ffdshow settings (0801a preview):

Levels (Full Range, Output 0-234)

Denoise 3D (FAST)

Resize (1920x1080, lanczos4, L 1.00)

With this setup I get REALLY bad frame drops when ZP is ran in full screen. On my old comp that I replaced (3.0ghz, 1gb ddr, agp8x), I was running the exact software configuration as above with a 5900XT w/o any frame drops, with the exception of the renderer being VMR7. Does changing to VMR9 really take THAT big of a performance hit?? Shouldn't my 6800 be able to handle VMR9 at that resize and output resolution?

In order for me to get smooth playback, all I have to do is drop desktop rez to 1280x720. Then I can resize at 1920x1920 with VMR9 no prob.

I've tried numerous driver sets, 61.77, hacked 65.90, etc. I'm hoping this is a driver problem and can be fixed with the upcoming 70.xx sets. Most services in windows have been disabled, only with the minimum running.

I know some members here got the same PC deal from Dell, can some of you try out my settings and see if you get the same results??

Thanks guys!! :)
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No 6800GT PCIe and MCE2005 users here?? (bump)
This appears to be a bug that affects both ZP and TT2.x that I have been fighting since I got my Qualia.

Here is what I know about it so far:

Only fails with interlaced resolutions

Only fails of the combination of the FFDShow resize and the VMR9 exceeds a certain threshold

Doesn't fail when using the NVidia FWMM3 player with the vpp and ffdshow regardless of the resize or the output resolution

Not dependent on the driver release

Not dependent on card model or bus type

Please help me get this addressed. Please report it as a bug to your Video card manufacturer and ask them to open an incident with NVidia.

Anyone else with this issue, please do the same.

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though my setup is quite different, there may be a hint in what I have found... I'm running a 5950Ultra with component video output via an external chip... Leadtek A380.... I have the same exact problem when using the component output, but NOT if I use VGA out with a transcoder... so, I tried running dual monitor clone mode (put the transcoder on the VGA out to fool the drivers) cloning the VGA primary to the component secondary.... problem gone !!!! :D
Off Topic, but hey neighbor (Jim) - im in St. Petersburg.

Hi! :D
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