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McIntosh 207 - switch lights to LED

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Yesterday I became the proud owner of a previously owned McIntosh207 7x200 amp. My particular unit has been owned by an audiophile work colleague of mine and hasn't been regularly used in 3 years and was meticulously cared for....needless to say I am pretty excited.

Mine item he mentioned is that my 207 pre-dates the use of LED lights in the power meters (presumably they are incandescent) but that a McIntosh dealer could switch out the lights for me. Question for you Mc207 owners out there....any reason not to do this? Ballpark cost to do it?

I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow for some preventative TLC and tune-up but am curious about the thoughts on this as I sure don't want to take this beast out of the rack once it is installed.

Thanks in advance.

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