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Originally Posted by enriqueru55 /forum/post/16116857

I had the same problem. So, I tried with a common Sony mono mic. Despite It worked, I'm not sure if the calibration is good. I'm tryng to get ECM-AC2. Unfortunately, only is available in Australia The cost is around $15

if you have a multi-tester, set it for ohms (1k-20k range), if your mic has a reading of 1.5 to 1.8 K ohms it should work just fine... but seeing that the "ECM-AC2" mic doesn't work as a normal mic fo anything else it probably has to be that specific mic... I have one but I don't have the remainder of the system, and as I've noted it does not respond as a normal mic ( it must be specificaly designed for calibration only )

I hope I wasn't too technical and it helped
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