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OK. I am probably posting this is the wrong forum. Because my needs aren't 100% as perfect as most of us here like. But I understand that there just isn't one solution that solves all the things that anyone wants.

Here is what I want

1) Play my library of MP3s, videos, podcasts I have on an external 1TB HD. It has Firewire and USB. I have had it for a while. I might have a really small percentage that came from iTunes.

2) Stream internet shows/TV, I really like the Boxee interface.

3) Don't use it for BluRay just yet, but might want to in the future.

4) For some HD movies, I am willing to pay Amazon on demand and also buy from iTunes.

5) I don't have a hardwire network, so Wireless N.

What I don't have to have.

1) HD Audio, or real loss-less audio. My ears are good, but not that perfect to distinguish a good 7.2 sound versus the perfect reproduction of audio.

I was looking at a few possible solutions.

1) AppleTV, Boxee can be installed and I can attach my External HD

I don't have a Wireless-N router yet, but some allow you to attach HD

Linksys WRT610N Simultaneous Dual-N Band Wireless Router

2) http://www.jr.com/linksys/pe/LKS_WRT610N/

Apple Airport Extreme

3) http://www.jr.com/apple/pe/APP_MC340LL_SL_A/

D-Link DIR825 Xtreme N Dual Band Gigabit Router

4) http://www.jr.com/dlink/pe/DLK_DIR825/

Netgear WNDR3700 RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router

5) http://www.jr.com/netgear/pe/NTG_WNDR3700/

I also like what I have seen from the Dune 3.0 devices, but I can't see how I could add Boxee or other UI that I like that can get access to Streaming.

What I already have that can do some of this, but, not in one device etc.

1) I have a Tivo HD, which can download Podcasts, could find a NAS drive on the network to view what I have on the HD.

2) PS3. I think we know why I don't want to use this. a) It runs too hot. b) I could buy the Harmony Remote add on to PS3 for remote control.

3) MacBook with Boxee already installed. I have a Mini-Display to DVI to HDMI cables and can take the audio out to my AVR, but well, I use the MacBook for other stuff/work, and don't store my AV library on this machine.

I could also wait to see the Boxee box, to see if it covers everything, but since it will most likely be a consumer type product, you know they will skimp on some features to reach a price point.

Thanks, sorry for being so winded. I have read the entire Dune appreciation thread, and a bunch of other threads, but still don't quite know what will work best.


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I was just watching a YouTube Video and they seemed to say that any Video Streaming would be slow because of the CPU speed in the AppleTV, that if you want something speedier to go the MacMini route.


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