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Hi everyone. With your help I've managed to build a pretty decent HTPC running WMC and Media Browser. So, Thank You!!!

I AM, however, having an issue with Media Browser that I'd love some help with:

I'm running MB 2.3.2 (Titan) but am having a consistent problem that I'm hoping someone out there can advise me on.

Seems I get the dreaded Invalid Application error, thus effectively crashing Media Browser back to WMC. Thing is, there's a definite pattern to these crashes.

NOTE: I'm using MPC-HC as an external player for everything.

Here's what happens - I boot directly into MB from the desktop. After doing this I can play whatever movie I like, in any format including ISO, with no problem. But if I try to play a second movie, I get the Invalid Application error and am forced back to WMC. However, when I re-enter MB, I once again, can play anything. Once.

So it seems I'm limited to playing just one movie at a time without backing out of MB into WMC, and whenever I enter Media Browser from WMC I can play any movie. One movie only.

I've scoured the web for days looking for a solution for this issue, but to no avail. There are A LOT of folks out there having this issue as well, but none of their suggestions (try a different theme, check your codecs, try another external player) have worked for me.

Any suggestions? Fixes? Or do I just have to live with this limitation?

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