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Media Center Extender Shootout... good read

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engadget HD did a media center extender shoot out and thought I'd share it with you all...


- Josh
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...from the write-up
Picture and Sound quality

Overall, we have no complaints in regard to picture and sound quality and all three were very evenly matched. The colors are a bit different, and this is most evident on the VMC main menu. The 360 is dark like a real VMC. The D-Link and the Linksys both look a little washed out, with the Linksys being the lightest color blue of the three. We didn't notice any real world difference though, and we think it'd be easy enough to correct with the HDTV's settings. The one place we did notice a difference is when viewing photos; the quality is noticeably better on the 360 and VMC, with both the Linksys and the D-link exhibiting a little less detail.

I purchased 4 Linksys DMA2100's based upon this review. I only opened one and so far have found the picture quality to be somewhat poor. It looks like what happens to a picture when you resize it effecting the overall resolution.

I can live with washes out but it turns an HD program into something a little worse than SD.

I have mine set to 720P over HDMI to a Sharp 720P TV. Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me. Not sure if I should open any more.
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nope I purchased two of the 2100's from the dell sale going on a few weeks ago, picked up both for $125/each.

One is conntected to a 19" CRT SDTV, the other is a 720p Sytax olveia LCD and OTA HD looks fantastic on it.

- Josh
Thanks. This is good to hear. I guess I need to go back to the setup menu and figure out what is going on.
are you using wireless? one thing i did notice was that with wireless HD looked worse than with wired.

- Josh
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