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Hi All:

I've asked this question before in various forums, with no positive results, but some time has passed, so maybe a new product has emerged since then.

I'm looking for an HD-capable media center/extender that has the ability to store a bunch of online video urls into memory (mostly in Windows Media Player format, with .asx extensions, maybe a few in Real Player format). The urls would be for online streams of out-of-town local/national/international (non-subscription) news and other programming that can be watched on a computer. I'd like to be able to program these urls into the media center/extender and sort/label them accordingly, either via a computer interface or directly on the device, but they would be stored on the device itself, so that the streams can be accessed directly on my television (using the media center/extender's remote) without turning on the computer.

I'd very much appreciate any assistance anyone can provide. Thanks in advance...
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