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Here is my problem, maybe someone run in to it already and can help me out.

I have serveral hard drives inside of my computer. All of them our mounted into one folder on C:\\ drive as well as they have their own drive letter.

All of them are showing all information correctly and playing information correctly using computer, except one hard drive when I access it using my DIVCO TIVX player or Buffalo HD player it only displays folders, and does not show content inside (.avi, .jpg, .mkv files) which actually exists

That Hard drive is formatted and uses dynamic partition just like the others that are working correctly. As soon as I copy or move files over to it i cannot see them with my players over the network.

I figured hard drive is no good, I just changed it and it is doing exactly same thing.

If I move or copy those files to different drive they show and play okay on my multimedia players.

Using Windows XP Pro

Please help me, or suggest ideas, I am good tech and I am at dead stop. This might not be an issue with the actual player, just some kind of windows issue, but I have never stumbled against such a wierd issue

Thanks for your help! If you need me to try something I am online and willing to tackle this right away.
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