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Media Room - 20x20 ft plus - Newbie ideas for PJ, screen, setup?

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Hey guys I am a newbie poster to this site, and I've been reading thru it for the past week or so.

I've got a ton of questions, but I'll keep it simple, and I reposted here because the room is multi-purpose!

I am looking to get an HD Projector for under $1,500 or so...I am on a tight budget.

The room during the day has medium light, but I can black it out.

I am looking for a set-up that would possibly work in low to medium light.

The room is 20'6"x 20'6" and has all white flat walls.

It is a converted 2 car garage with a 10 foot ceiling.

I also have a few desks, computers, and drawing table in this room, but I want the theater effect to be the main feature! :)

Here is the diagram of the room:

My questions are:

1)How big of a screen size should/can I make?

2)Should I go the route of painting(screen goo) the screen on the front wall?

It is a huge wide-open wall.

3)What type of projector should I look for, and where should I mount it?

Back wall? Ceiling/closer?

Are the better projectors for a low to medium light room - that can be blacked out.

Thanks for any help/ideas/feedback.

I'll be checking back in often, and will answer any questions ASAP!


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I got a Sony VPL-HS10 off of ebay for $800, its a good HD projector in my opinion. Of course if you buy from ebay beware, I had to replace the lamp already.

I got a Da-Lite 92x52 electric screen, which cost around $800, but I needed that due to my design. I've heard good things about the paint but haven't seen it.

I created curtains that block all of the light, and they look like movie theatre curtains so its pretty cool.
You have a lot of research to do! I'll drop in a few ideas but there is a huge wealth of knowledge on this site to sift through. Check out the
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