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Media Room Begins.

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Ok. So I started out with a 10' 6" squared office and I am slowly turning it into a media room/office.

The office started out looking like this. I mounted the projector straight on and had an extension cord for testing.

I then went ahead and painted the ceiling flat black and mounted the projection mount.

I am a certified electrician, so dont worry about the extension cord running in the attic. It was a pure test.

I then ran an electrical outlet attached to a GFCI breaker and drilled a 5/8" hole into my ceiling mount for my hdmi cable that I will be running in the attic to my blueray.

Here is a shot of the way the room looks currently.

Here is how the back side of the room is setup.

I have my desk stuck in a nook in the office to kind of keep it out of eyes site. I am debating on putting closet doors to hide the office nook and make it look more like a closet. I plan on mounting the blueray and my reciever on the top shelf. Yes, I went ahead and installed a center brace for that shelf.

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Now, since it is a small office.... Do I really need a 5.1 setup? I was really thinking of just wall mounting 2 speakers towards the rear of the room in each corner. I plan on hooking my sony bdp-s301 to a sony DG-810 receiver via hdmi, then hdmi out to my projector. I was going to get CL2 12gauge speaker wire and mount the speakers.

Before I take the final plunge I was curious if it was necessary for more speakers or a sub. The office is across the hall from our master bedroom so I dont want something too loud.

Thanks for looking.
So you project it into the mirror and then onto the screen?
Yup. Gives me about an extra foot squared.
Way to go Silvershark!

Is that a regular mirror you are using to extend your light path ? OEM's have used mirror assemblies to do the same for rear projection screens in tiny rear projection rooms for big bucks & some used front surface mirrors are very expensive (or were).

Was it tuff to line the image up ?

Neat screen, is it DIY ?

Great theater, bet you enjoy it alot

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I first experimented with projection in a spare bedroom - 11X11.

My first question (silly since you've already done it) is why the extra complication of ceiling mount and mirror reflex to the screen? I used a simple wall shelf for the PJ and so achieved maxium image size easily and without all the extra light reflection. You may want to consider trying this even after all the exercise with the mount.

Second - 5:1 surround sound? Of course - a minimum if watching movies with surround sound soundtracks - extra speakers in the corners won't sound nearly as good.

Third - Sub? Or course - see answer "Second" plus even in a small room just regular speakers won't deliver the lows and performance of a sub. Now for rock and roll we have very large floor stereo speakers and each with 15in woofers and something like that would do instead of a dedicated sub but in a room size like yours? Don't think so.

Forth - Paint? I don't think an extreme like black is ever necessary. I'd worry more about complete black out of any windows like the one shown in a pic. Our walls are paneled and non-reflective. Our flooring is brown/gold carpet - works well and ceiling is drop and we just put in non-reflective off white. The key to ceiling, walls, flooring is non-reflective and darker is better but you don't need a black cave to watch projected content. I would think the mirror and white screen your most risky ideas.

We use a gray Da-lite contrast boosting screen and it reflects practically no light unlike bright white screens that create all kinds of reflected ambient light and same with the mirror.

Mind, we are not techno-philes posting here - we are just sharing the lessons learned from our own experience.

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