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Media Room - Wiring

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I am renovating my basement and had it framed recently. I am about to have it wired soon. I already asked hd cables related questions in different threads but i am curious about how to wire it for the internet.
My interent set up is following. In my basement there is cable company modem which is plugged into my wireless router. This router provided wifi for the whole house.
My question is this...... How do i wire my cat6 cables. Do i get cable company do provide additional outlets or do i just by say 10 ports switch(plug it into router) and for example plug 5 cat6 into switch and run it trough studs to different places in my basement?
Can anyone provide some info please.

Thank you
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Hard wire Cat cables to the TV location in basement and any other place you can think of. E.g., security camera, automated blinds, wireless access points, etc. Those devices can use POE for power. Hire a low voltage contractor to do the job or you can DIY. It is not that hard.
Do you have link on monoprice that i can buy cat 6 cables?
What toold i need to buy in order to terminate the cable at the patch panel
What about keystone and plates for the wall?

I know i am askig a lot but just want to know which kind i need. There are so many options on monoprice site
Buy in-wall cat-6 in a bulk 1000 foot box. Put a patch panel near where you want your router. Terminate your in-wall cable to the patch panel, and keystones where you want your outlets. Here's a good video on wiring keystones.

You'll use the same technique and punch down tool to connect the other end at the patch panel. Use patch cables to connect the patch panel to the ports in your router, or to a switch (8-port—ok, 16-port—better, 24-port—much better) with one port patched to your router.

Read up on the requirements to run cat-6 in walls, paying attention to radius, proximity to line voltage, etc.

I don't have any links handy, but there's tons of info available.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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