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Ok, I've been reading these and several other forums for months and just can't decide on what would be best. So, I thought I'd post my requirements and see what comes out of it.

-I want to build a file server to hold my mp3s and DVD images (btw, should I make these .ISO or .VOB?).

-I will be accessing these from a Popcorn Hour box and Windows PCs.

-I will only be turning the machine on when I want to access the files so it won't be doing anything else

-It will be built on an Abit AB9 Pro w/ 2GB RAM

-It will start with 3 1TB SATA II drives

-I want a Software RAID (RAID5? single drive failure recovery is sufficient) that I can expand by adding 1TB drives as I need them.

-I have zero linux knowledge so setup and maintenance has to be easy.

So far I've been looking at the following:

FreeNAS - Not sure on expandable RAID5, or if possible, not easily accomplished?

UnRAID - Not free and don't like the idea that if my USB drive dies, the registration key is non-transferable to a new USB drive.

Linux distro - zero linux knowledge so would require precise step-by-step instructions.

Windows Home Server - Doesn't support expandable RAID.

I guess I'm hoping someone can point me to an idiot proof guide on setting up something that supports EVERYTHING I have listed above. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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