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Hi all,

Have had the following setup for years and been happy with it: Media server running twonky and using a PS3 to stream the media to my tv / home cinema.

However, I'm looking for the same kind of setup in a single unit - but with the ability to do Netflix. I can find a number of media streamers to do the Netflix bit, and lot's of NAS units to do the local media, but haven't stumbled across a single good candidate to do both.

Closest I think I've come is a Roku 3 with a external HDD connected via the usb port.

Having been happy with my current setup for a while, I haven't really been following the technology, and I'm surprised something like this doesn't exist. I've just bought a chromecast, more out of curiosity than anything else, and it's a nifty gadget and can come close to what I want using Plex, but being reliant on wireless won't work for me.

Anyone got anything they can recommend?

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