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I have not been able to find these discussed on this forum. These would be for computers with Intel core I3,I5, I7 processors.

Ones I have read about (or tried - the Netgear) are:

Netgear Push2tv

D-LInk Main Stage

Zyxel whd6215

So if anyone has used these I'd like hear your experience.

I tried the Netgear one. Connected it by HDMI to Yamaha 663 receiver (connected to TV by HDMI). Since one of the main reasons I bought it was to stream my music library, sound was very important and it sounded horrible - like the music was coming out of a tin can. I tried in vain to fix this. When I connect my laptop directly to receiver via HDMI it sounds great.

So that was a deal breaker and I returned it. Never even tried the video.
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