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Media streaming advice

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Hey guys, I was hoping I could get some advice on an upgrade I want to make to my home theater. I currently have a Tivo HD, XBox 360, and PS3. I'm pretty happy with the Tivo HD for TV recording and navigation, but the Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services are very unstable. Netflix menus are slooooow to navigate and I've had it crash during a movie a couple of times. I've been using my XBox 360 for Netflix since it came out and I am much happier with it. Very fast and smooth and the playback quality is great.

I really wish that I could have all of my TV, Netflix, net streams, etc in one place when I turn on the TV. I've looked at Roku, Boxee, building a Boxee on a netbox PC, Tivo Premier, and a few other options but I'm not sure what the best choice for me is. I'd like it to either be integrated with Tivo (maybe just upgrate to Premier) or have a similarly easy to use TV recording interface (multiple ways to find and browse shows, season pass, etc). The main thing I'd like though is seamless integration of all of my TV and video sources through one interface. Can any of you help me decide? Are there other options I haven't considered? I don't really want to spend much more than $200, but I'm open to exploring options above that if they are awesome enough.

(PS: sorry for my ignorance, I am most definitely a noob when it comes to this stuff)
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