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I have a 360, I was planning on using it as my media streamer but since it really does a terrible job (media center sux) I am going to bite the bullet and get a separate component.

Since most streamers support XVid I have planned on converting all of my DVDs to XVid. So I have a few questions?

What is the best open, or free, software for converting DVD VOB to XVid?

Is XViD the way to go or is there another format I should consider?

Is the D-link 750 the way to go? I want a lightweight media streamer that:
  • has Ethernet, my system will be hard wired
  • has no hard disk drive, no thanks to the heat and noise
  • supports all the new video formats
  • would be nice to have an led read out on the component face so I don't have to flip on the TV to listen to music
  • supports 1080p via hdmi
  • supports discrete codes for the remote, at least for on and off.
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