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Mediocre image quality with a PCTV Rave and Dscaler. Any solution ?

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I try, since many months, to watch TV image coming from a satelite receiver, through an s-video (=svhs) link. I find the quality realy poor, despite the fact I tried all the tips I found in the Net.

My config : Windows XP. Proc = Athlon 1700+, 256 Mo DDR SDRAM, motherboard Asus A7V266-E, soundcard Terratec 512i, graphic card Geforce 2MX and Studio PCTV Rave.

I use Dscaler 3.1 and the greedy 2 frame filter (for sport). No other filter because, by doing so, the result is worst.

Here are my results :



I find the result very diffuse.

1) Is this result normal, because of video deinterlacing ? I can’t hope a better result on a progressive display device ?

2) If I change my TV and display Card (I think about the new Radeon 8500 all in Wonder), can I hope a good result ?

3) New dscaler release (4.0) or another image acquisition software can give me better results ?

Thanks for any help.
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DSS is highly compressed signal which means blown up it'll look like crap. As they say crap in = doubled crap out when processed by HTPC or any scaler/doubler. Certain channel will look better than others. Your options to improve image quality is 1) upgrade to HDTV receiver which can upconvert analog stations as well as getting great HDTV, 2) get expensive external scaler like Faroudja NRS ($3K) or even cheaper ones like VB50HRTV ($90), 3) use Dscaler for OTA or analog cable only.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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