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I described what happened.
I intended to connect my Thule tuner to my Melody h34s, because i did not have any more free input ports on my Thule amplifier. One rca entry is stuck with a broken cable plug tip still stuck inside.
The tuner was on power. Should have powered him off, but ok...
I connected him, running if you want, to the Melody rear free entry socket.
I wanted to switch the Melody on. Normally a blue led lights on immediately, but nothing !!!
Checked the power cable, as it happened sometimes he easn’t stuck in deep enoigh, but that was ok.
Power source too !!!

First thing, as a total non expert is check fuses.
Now, beneath the power socket stood the words Fuse Fs1 or something like that.
On internet photos I saw a model with the fuse screw holder next to the power socket.
Mine had this not !!!
What is wrong. Wrong assembly ? Forgotten to install the fuse replacement piece.
Today however i founf another photo of the h34s WITHOUT the fuse holder. So, like mine.
It had chinese letters written in the title of the picture.
I already mentioned to my wife he might have been assembled in China. Now, it became real.
Flat rear next to the power socket.

So, if there was a short circuit between the playing tuner and the Melody still off, and as i turned him on, nothing.
No tubes giving light. Nothing.

But the hell , when I cannot replace the power fuse, what now.
I opened him. I saw 2 fuses, but situated in the middle of PCB. Not at the power wires. The wires, 3 of them , on the back ofthe power socket, run into a sort of cartridge, one wire goes a level above the lowest print board.
Butthat means unscrewing the whole bottom plate to find a power fuse.

Chinese put never fuses in their cheap miniamps.

Problems i guess.

Thanks for reading.

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